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    Dec 14, 2011
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Supported Bukkit Versions

  • 1.0.0


14/12/2011 Fixed offline player permissions not lowercasing correctly Fixed permissions reload not refreshing player permissions fully

12/12/2011 uploaded a fixed jar

12/12/2011 Fixed default group being overriden before it saved, thanks @rymate1234

12/12/2011 Fixed default group not applying to players with no entry, thanks @eggy!

12/12/2011 Some more bugfixes

12/12/2011 Fixed haspermission bug for offline players Fixed yaml not saving default group

12/12/2011 Added sorting to YamlFiles making things much prettier Added yaml2 option (for split files rather than one massive file) Improved performance

12/12/2011 Added back permissions bridge for lazy devs Added back HasPermission for lazy sleaker

12/12/2011 Implemented full prefix/suffix support Added some new commands (documentation comes once this version is official) Huge performance improvements

12/12/2011 First release of bPermissions 2.0.0 Requires a fresh worldname.yml file (which is now in the root directory) You can import your old yaml over using "/permissions import yml"

09/12/2011 Started first of major changes to the superpermissionhandler

Hopefully this fixes the world switching bug, listening to all possible events!

23/11/2011 Removed sk89q's WEPIF system, next time they implement their own stupid groups system they better make sure it works.

18/11/2011 Finished skyrim

08/11/2011 Fixed SwearWord stat tracking vanishing into oblivion

01/11/2011 I hate case insensitivity, just fyi

01/11/2011 Fixed previous uploads bugs

29/10/2011 Fixed bukkitstats

29/10/2011 Update to Fixed duplicate groups issue Added backup command Added MCMA compat

27/10/2011 Update to Added anti-Dinnerbone programming Added help.html

27/10/2011 Update to Fixed caching bug with InfoReader

26/10/2011 Update to Fixed java.lang.StackOverflowError in PermissionClass.java

26/10/2011 Update to HUGE Performance improvements

26/10/2011 Update to 1.7.9 Rewrote most core functions, cleaned up code, added the start of the debugging module

22/10/2011 Update to 1.7.6 Implemented commandSuggestions


Added built in chat formatting as a config option (yay) Added tutorial


NEXT - fixed sql config.yml file


Improvements and reimplemented Configuration with the new class :3


Lots of performance improvements and bugfixes.


Added "IpLock" for extra server security


Fixed promotion tracks


Implemented promotion tracks


Fixed spout bug - thanks Afforess!


Some subnoding fixes


Fixed: GroupManager importing PEX importing Several permission setting up related errors InfoReader "/p helpme" is better now

Added: JSON Permissions yaml_oldschool permissions Assorted performance improvements Global command shortcuts "/addgroup groupname player" instead of "/p global addgroup groupname player"

Keeps usage statistics

Requires a fresh worldname.yml file (which is now in the root directory)

You can import your old yaml over using "/permissions import yml"