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/BrainBow help for help page /BrainBow setlobby set warting lobby /BrainBow exit set exit lobby /BrainBow addteamspawn Green,Blue,Red,Yellow set team spawn /BrainBow add YouGameName add a game /BrainBow pos1 set a pos1 /BrainBow pos2 set a pos2 /BrainBow kill kill your /BrainBow stats one sees his stats /BrainBow join YouGameName join a game /BrainBow start YouGameName start a game /BrainBow maxplayers Arenaname players z.b 10 pit your maximum players limet


- Guest can players play a game - brainbow.full Premium can join a game if full - brainbow.start Premium can /brainbow start enter

Sign: ----


Items in a warting lobby:

Bow Team selection Nether_Star Archivments TNT Back to Lobby

Items in a game:

Bow none 5x Arrows none Redstone kill your Wood_sword none

Blocks effects:

Redstone_block shot a TNT you have a on the block standing and shot Lapis_block shot a enderpearl you have a on the block standing and shot coal_block shot a wihterskull instand kill you have a on the block standing and shot Emerald_block shot a poisen potion you have a on the block standing and shot Snow_block shot a snowball it generates snow and if it man is man we slowly converting and snow Gildet for 30 seconds you have a on the - block standing and shot

Game from running:

They come to your spawn point and man can move , the 10 second man has at its base a Quadrad wool gefährbt him a color : green, blue , red, yellow wool . You must with arrow TNT because the other team wanted to meet and he Fehr prominent live 1 and the team that has taken him to get 1 life . man wanted on his head , depending on the team different color. if a team is out , it is not over yet man must they only kill but when they meet another team they get 1 life. has a team lost all live an iron gate will appear at the entrance . and they can not make griefing .minimum 2 players can have a maximum players adjust with male /BrainBow maxplayers ArenaName players.


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