Bow Warfare

This project is abandoned and its default file will likely not work with the most recent version of Minecraft. Whether this project is out of date or its author has marked it as abandoned, this project is no longer maintained.



main perms setup change download

Try out BowWarfare before you put it on your own server!

Large Servers Hosting Bow Warfare: (Do "/server minigame" then "/bw spawn") (Do "/server bw" or "/server bw2") (Do "/server bw") (Do "/server bw") (Do "/server bw") (Walk into the "CTF" Portal)

Game Play videos

INF on Terminal: (by Amiruddin Lechner)

CTF on Valhalla & TDM on Villa: (By BiohazardxProduction + KermitPlaysMinecraft)

FFA on Multiple maps: (by BiohazardxProduction)

CTF on Nuketown 2025 & Infection on Villa: (by PeopleWhoMinecraft + Leet)

FFA on Nuketown 2025 & Villa: (by StrikersSniper)

FFA on Nuketown 2025 & Villa: (by Double0negative)

More Coming Soon!

Features Added to Update (v3)

  • None yet.

Planned Features

  • More & clearer error checks to help the users easily find out what the problem is.
  • A better plugin.yml file to help fix a multiverse bug.
  • Editable "number of kills" to win for FFA and TDM game modes via a command.
  • Killstreak Rewards: At each killstreak you will be given a random reward, options are snowball grenades, wooden pressure plate mines, and more.
  • Implementing TabAPI into the plugin to have a fast "/bw list" and "/bw score" by pressing tab.
  • Replacement of OP checks with permissions.
  • One in the Chamber Game Mode
  • Last Man Standing Game Mode

Current Features (v2.3)

  • Simple lobby system that allows this plugin to work without dedicating a server to it.
  • User-friendly game play.
  • User-friendly set up for server OPs.
  • Simple stat system.
  • Free For All game type.
  • Team Deathmatch game type.
  • Game type specific spawn points.
  • Capture the Flag (Wool) Game Type
  • Infection Game Type (Based off of Halo)
  • Team Based Spawn Points for TDM, CTF, and Infection
  • Team Chat System: "/bw teamChat <Messages>" or "/bw tc <Messages>"
  • Permissions for joining an arena, starting the game (Infection only) and being able to send non-BW commands in game.
  • Update checker when an OP joins the server.

Latest Bow Warfare Release Change Log (v2.3)

  • Changed the Infection voting system, a game will start once 5 people vote.
  • Added a number to the end of Join/Leave messages to show how many people are in game.
  • Bows now have Unbreaking III.
  • Fixed Infection messages being displayed on non-INF game modes.
  • Made it so creating a game via clicking a sign will only select the game modes that have spawns set, not just a random game mode.
  • Other small bug fixes.

Current Bug List (v2.3)

  • If the lobby and any arenas are not in the same world then the server will crash when a game ends. Until we can fix this you need to have all arenas in the same world as the lobby.


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