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BowSpleef is like the regular spleef that we all know, except that instead of digging blocks, you need to shoot TNT blocks with your flame bow, making them fall. You need to to try and make the other players fall into the void, and not fall at the same time! The goal of this plugin is to eliminate the work of having BowSpleef on your server, and also make it easy to use for both your players and administrators. This plugin's development has slowed recently, however a new version is officially underway that will bring additions you had previously requested and also fix a few issues that have been appearing. 



  • - Multiworld Support
  • - Create multiple arenas running BowSpleef
  • - Save inventories, postions, and gamemodes
  • - Intuitive Automatic Quit System
  • - Automatic Signs
  • - Kits
  • - Scoreboard
  • - Spectating



This plugin automatically updates whenever a new version is released to ensure that you have the most recent version of the plugin. If you wish to disable automatic updates and keep the version you are using, you able to do this by going into the config.yml file and turning the update value to false (update.status after v1.0.5+). This plugin also uses Metrics to keep track of users, and you also able to opt-out of this feature within the config.yml as well.



If you happen to find any bugs in BowSpleef (versions 1.0.0+), please notify me by creating a ticket. I will attempt to fix any issues as soon as possible and release a new version to ensure that your users are not affected. 


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