Bow Quiver

Bow Quivers
Version: v1.0.1

This plugin add's craftable bow quivers in the form of chestplates, that can hold a configurable amount of arrows.


  • Adds 4 quiver chestplates
  • Configurable size for each quiver
  • Configurable recipe for each quiver


  1. Drop BowQuiver.jar into plugins directory
  2. Run Server
  3. Edit config.yml to your liking
  4. Stop and restart server
  5. Enjoy!


Create a quiver using the recipe setup in the config. When wearing the quiver chestplate, all picked up arrows will be automatically added to your quiver unless full. Hover over the quiver in your inventory to display how many arrows you have. To add arrows that are in your inventory simply right click the stack in your hand. To take arrows out of the quiver, left click with the quiver in your hand.

Information on custom recipes and items can be found with-in the config.yml


When your quiver chestplate durability depletes, it will break just like normal a normal chestplate, and all the arrows will drop to the ground.
Quiver chestplates can be repaired in anvil but cannot be renamed.
Due to bukkit limitations, you must have either an arrow in your inventory or an empty slot to shoot the bow.


  • /quiver -or- /qv
  • /quiver reload


  • Quiver.reload - Access to /qv reload command


Version: 1.0.1

  • Now uses Scoreboard to display quiver info


If you find a bug please explain in detail what you were doing at the time, and include a full server log. Anything less will be ignored. Thanks


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