Boutique maintains an easily accessible list of shops and optionally, allows users to teleport to shops. Full uuid support for this plugin is in the works. It will convert shops over to UUIDs in the background without too much bother. I recommend you compile a database of player names and UUIDs (as I have done for my own server) in case I don't finish the update in time and you want to make a simple query to add accurate UUIDs to the plugin's tables

How the plugin connects buyers and sellers.

People who want to buy something will use /shop list to check the list of shops. They can then teleport to these shops using /shop go [user]. The permissions system makes this highly configurable - you can allow teleports under only certain circumstance and even require that the owner of a shop must accept a request before someone can teleport to the shop. People seeking to sell items will register their shop. They can then control whether their shop is "open" or "closed" and edit their shop details whenever they want. They can also teleport to their own shop. This also is configurable using a range of permissions.

Further information

The plugin has detailed permissions options for teleporting. The plugin takes into account 2 factors - whether the owner of the shop is online or offline, or whether the shop is open or closed. Using the permissions, you can control when owners and customers are allowed to teleport to a shop given these factors. For example, you can grant someone the ability to teleport to someone else's shop when they are offline and the shop is closed. Another feature you can grant permissions for is request teleporting, where the owner of a shop has to accept a request from a customer before the customer is teleported to their shop. You can further configure this by binding the seller to teleport to the shop when they accept the request (you can use this as a way of preventing people using shops as teleport points by forbidding them from teleporting to their own shop in other circumstances). In addition, you can grant your admins the ability to delete others shops <big> Download the latest Recommended Release (2.1)</big>


  • Requires MySQL
  • One shop per player
  • Buyers cannot name their shop - they can set a description (if you permit this) though
  • You'll have to rely on other mods if you want item trades to be done outside of vanilla's ability to drop items from your inventory


  • List of shops
  • Teleport locations for shops.
  • Reduces the amount of conversations along the lines of "Anybody selling x" / "yes" / "where should I go?" / etc.
  • Lightweight (hopefully)
  • Very customisable - You can even change the colour of the messages sent to players


  • Control over when players can teleporting to others' shops based on the different possible permutations of open/closed and the owner's online/offline status
    • In addition, the option to force players to request from the shop owner the ability the ability to teleport to it.
  • Control over when players can teleport to their own shops depending on whether the shop is open or closed
    • In addition, you can set it up so that owners teleport to their shop automatically when accepting a request. This can be set up to be the owner's only method of teleporting to the shop.
  • Instead of automatically teleporting players to other's shops, you can select to use request teleporting. You can automatically teleport sellers to the shop when they accept the request as well
  • The list of shops can be customised to show/not show shops based on the different possible permutations of open/closed and owner online/offline, and can show these shops in different, customisable, colours
  • The list of shops, which usually shows a description of each shop (set by the owner), can be set to show only usernames when it contains more than a configured number of shops (you could potentially change this to 0 and you would never see shop descriptions)
  • Configuration of the colours of different types of messages returned to the player (e.g. errors, advice, etc)
  • Admin permission to delete others' shops
Information about editing config.yml
Information about permissions


  • /shop
    Teleports you to your shop (shortcut)

  • /shop list
    Display a list of open shops and their description

  • /shop go [username]
    Teleport to [username]'s shop

  • /shop create [description]
    Register/re-register a shop with a [description]

  • /shop edit
    • /shop edit location
      Changes the teleport point of your shop
    • /shop edit description [description]
      Changes the description of your shop to [description]
    • /shop edit reset [description]
      Changes the description and location of your shop

  • /shop delete
    Deletes your shop

  • /shop open
    Opens your shop

  • /shop close
    Closes your shop, but keep the details on the system so that you may open it again at any time

  • /shop commands
    Display a list of commands

  • /shop deny
    Deny a teleport request to your shop

  • /shop accept
    Accept a teleport request to your shop

  • /shop admin delete [player]
    Deletes the shop belonging to [player]


I would love to hear back from you on how easy the installation was, whether the instructions are any good (both the online and package help files) and what features you would like to see or have more control over. <big> Full change list located on a separate page</big>


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