This project is abandoned and its default file will likely not work with the most recent version of Minecraft. Whether this project is out of date or its author has marked it as abandoned, this project is no longer maintained.

BountyHunter Plugin

What is BountyHunter?

BountyHunter allows people to get payback, or just get another person killed. BountyHunter allows people to set bounties on people (ex. $100000) so they (and maybe some other players) will be attacked by other players that want the money.

Project Canceled

This project was canceled due to a take down notice by a developer. Therefor, I cannot use this until things have cleared up. R.I.P Bukkit


Command Description Usage Who can run this command?
/setBounty Sets a bounty on a player /setBounty <player> <price> Anyone
/cancelBounty Cancels a bounty that has been set on the player /cancelBounty Anyone with permission: BountyHunter.cancelBounty
/currentbounty Shows the current bounty /currentbounty Anyone


Permission Description
BountyHunter.cancelBounty Allows people to use the /cancelBounty command.


Feature Versions
Set bounties on players v0.1+
Unlimited bounty slots
(This will result in most of the project being rewritten for the new engine.)
Exempt Permission: BountyHunter.exempt v0.2+
See all here -------


Plugin name Link to plugin

To-Do List

-- Add more slots for bounties
-- Add exempt permission
-- Add /forceattack command (NPC's will be spawned and will start attacking the player)
-- Add text above their head saying, BOUNTY - {AMOUNT SET}
-- -- (Read the full suggestion here.)


Where's the download? The download for the project is most likely being reviewed, or the poor bukkit moderators missed my project again. Why did the plugin fail to load? The plugin may have failed to load because you are using Java 7 or under. Where can I ask questions that are not on the FAQ? Please PM me or comment on the plugin page. When they are attacked, are they getting attacked by fake players? No. The players that are attacking are real players. They are attacking for the money.

Bug reports/Discussion/Off topic/Seggestions

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