1.8 Spigot break #12

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Assigned to _ForgeUser8735919
  • MithrandirMage created this issue Dec 29, 2014

    Using Bottled Exp 1.7.3
    Spigot 1.8 (Latest, or one of the latest builds at this moment)

    I can't really describe very well this problem, as it seem's quite random.

    Having around 10 levels or less of xp, and using /bottle max command repeatedly, results in obtaining more bottles of enchantment than consumed player XP, consequently If I was at level 8, I use /bottle max various times, and I get a lot of bottles, which I then use on myself and apply 11 levels. (wtf?)

    It's hard to understand what's going on, I really can't understand it myself. But it does seem that the plugin needs an update.

  • MithrandirMage added the tags New Defect Dec 29, 2014

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