Botany is a bukkit server plugin that attempts to recreate natural plant regrowth in the Minecraft world.

Reasons to use Botany

Ever got tired of having to use bone meal to make your landscapes look natural again? Fighting lots of spiders causing all your grass to break? Are your plains looking really, really plain? This bukkit plugin slowly and naturally will grow back plants that are natural to a biome, such as a thick grass cover in Savannas, flowers on plains, spruce trees in Ice Biomes.

Normal Minecraft worlds are very static - only players will cause changes to the world, perhaps an ender will move some blocks around. This plugin will, just like Sedimentology, create a more natural and dynamic world that adapts and behaves as the real world. If you mow your grass, it will slowly regrow over time. If you chop down trees, saplings will come up over time and regrow the forest.


Currently, Botany plants most trees, grasses, ferns, and sunflowers. Most of the regular flowers are not planted due to the sheer number of possibilities and combinations, but they may be added in the future.

Some plants like to grow in little clusters, and Botany can not yet achieve this result, instead, Botany tries to litter plants of a type in a somewhat unordered way so that the density is close to the measured experimental values.

The list of plants that Botany plants in each Biome is configurable (see below) and can be modified by a server admin to exclude plants or add new plants that are not covered by the base list.

Do you like a more dynamic world? Please check out my Sedimentology plugin too!

Using this plugin together with other plugins?

Recommendations for other plugin's settings:


  • isForestGrowthEnabled: false

UberForest's way of growing forests is not compatible with Botany, make sure you set "isForestGrowthEnabled: false" in UberForest's config.yml. UberForest does nothing to prevent overgrowth of forests and will happily spread spread trees that do not belong in certain Biomes. Also, UberForest is not maintained and cannot properly create seedlings for Acacia and dark oak trees.


PwnPlantGrowth modifies seedlings or plants, but doesn't interfere with how forests spread in the long run. The combination should be without any issues, and PwnPlantGrowth will create an even further natural simulation. Recommended!


Goes without speaking that Sedimentology was designed to work well together with Botany. While they share code, the plugins do not depend on eachother, but the outcome of running both will enhance gameplay and create interesting benefits and drawbacks for users, creating a dynamic world that they will appreciate in the long term.


Information about commands, permissions and config.yml switches are found on the Configuration page.

Information about the plants.csv file format and how it works can be found on the plants.csv page.


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