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I don't know the Names of some Items!!!

You don't know the Names of some Items? No problem! Now you have two options.
You could either just use the Ids of the Items. (Example: You don't know the material name of a diamond pick. Just use "id:278")
or you could search the real material name. You can find a the names here: Link. The material name of a diamond pick for example is "DIAMOND_PICKAXE". That means you need to enter "type:DIAMOND_PICKAXE" in your Config.

How to create colored Wool, dark Log or Spawn Eggs with a specific Mob?

That's easy :)
First of all, enter the material name/id of the Item in the Config (for example "type:LOG", "type:WOOL", "id:383")
Then set the Sub-Type. Durability is used therefor. You can find all "Sub-Ids" (or whatever it is named) here: Link

  • Red wool
    • "type:WOOL"
    • "durability:14"
  • Dark Log
    • "type:LOG"
    • "durability:1"
  • Creeper Spawn Egg
    • "id:383"
    • "durability:50"

How to add new Shops?

  1. Copy an existing Shop File (.yml)
  2. Rename the copy
  3. Open it
  4. Edit the "ShopName" (important)

Config Example

BossShop is not starting or my Config Files are not working!

Then your Config Files probably contain mistakes. Just create a ticket here: Link

If your config contains mistakes, use this website: http://yaml-online-parser.appspot.com/. It detects mistakes and allows to directly edit YAML files online.

How to add multiple Lines to the Lore?

Just use '#' in order to "jump" to the next line.

- 'lore:&cDeveloper.#&b&lName: &r&bFelix N.#&b&lWebsite: &r&bfelix.neuby.de##&8Click
      to get his head! &c[<3]'

Example Screenshot


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