Transactions delay #307

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  • _ForgeUser20518740 created this issue Jul 28, 2016

    Maybe shuld add something like transactions delay??
    Cause player able to buy/sell items 10-15 times per second. Not cool on performance!

    And how about feature, when u press some button and able to buy/sell stack of targeted item? Yeah, i know, i can just set parallel items with different amount size, but it's not cool, if i have 30-40+ item's per one shop

  • _ForgeUser20518740 added the tags New Defect Jul 28, 2016
  • _ForgeUser20518740 posted a comment Jul 28, 2016

    P.S: How can i able to use token im messages, which will slide message on the second line ??

    For example: this is /n example message

    Result: this is

    example message

    Edited Jul 28, 2016

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