BossShop economy account for sell transactions #306

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  • _ForgeUser20518740 created this issue Jul 27, 2016


    1-st: sorry for my english :]
    2-nd: I have a sweet dream about economy feature in my server, and hope u can help provide me that!
    Need add feature, which will check the balance of total server economy account (or create different economy accounts for various existing shops)
    and if some players try to sold something in BossShop, BossShop will take money from this account and give this money to player.
    If balance of this account is empty - player just will be unable to sold items. =)

    This economy acconts can be replenished by taxes (from Jobs plugin, for example)
    Or by taxes from player shops from ChestShop plugin.  Or by any other taxes...

  • _ForgeUser20518740 added the tags New Defect Jul 27, 2016

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