Better Permission Control #302

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  • _ForgeUser8767034 created this issue Jul 15, 2016

    What is the enhancement in mind? How should it look and feel?

    How while I got the permission to work - I recommand an update: You can add another option to the top of the shop (where ShopName and DisplayName are...) which is called permission, there you can note a permission you need if a player want to open this shop. Why this way? Because you can easily create "groups of shops" with the same permission.

    For example: All Shop of the Adminshop get the same permission, all Shops for the Help-System get the same Permission, all Shops for Supporters get the same permission etc.

    Hope it'll be added :)

  • _ForgeUser8767034 added the tags New Enhancment Jul 15, 2016

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