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  • Curs3dfox created this issue Nov 30, 2015

    I'm attempting to make the icons in the shop display what the player head they receive when clicking on it gives them will look like.

    Example, the item when clicked in shop will produce a command that gives the player a head named "Taco" based on the UUID of the player since this is a custom head and not one on the server so I cannot use playerhead:<name>, I have finally managed to get it to work after multiple tries of different things. This is what ended up working:

    give %name% skull 1 3 {display:{Name:"Taco"},SkullOwner:{Id:"36784eab-0695-455b-9b45-94943728579d",Properties:{textures:[{Value:"eyJ0ZXh0dXJlcyI6eyJTS0lOIjp7InVybCI6Imh0dHA6Ly90ZXh0dXJlcy5taW5lY3JhZnQubmV0L3RleHR1cmUvOThjZWQ3NGEyMjAyMWE1MzVmNmJjZTIxYzhjNjMyYjI3M2RjMmQ5NTUyYjcxYTM4ZDU3MjY5YjM1MzhjZiJ9fX0="}]}}}

    The problem is, I would like the icon in the shop to look like this custom player head, but I can't use playerhead:<name> as this is based on a UUID and not a person on the server. No matter what I try it just ends up putting a basic Steve head as the icon. Is there a way to do this that I have missed while trying multiple times. Or is it just not possible?

    I am using the latest versions of BossShop, and BossShopConfigure

    Thank you for your time :)

  • Curs3dfox added the tags New Defect Nov 30, 2015

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