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Supported Bukkit Versions

  • 1.9
  • 1.8.1
  • 1.8



Tired of promoting your Players by hand? CommandRank promotes players for money/kills/passwords/exp etc.!

Unleash the Power of an unique economy system: PlayerPoints (You can run this beside an other economy plugin)

Allow your players to open a Shop GUI by right-clicking an Item with GuiShopManager

You want your VIPs to be able to become invincible but you are afraid of abusing players? Use VIP-God :)

v2.2.4 BETA

v2.2.3 BETA

  • [UPDATE] Now supporting Enjin x3! (Beta. Please test it out!)
  • [ADD] Added Itemflag support


  • [UPDATE] Updated to 1.9


  • [FIX] Fixed Playercommands


  • [ADD] Added PointsAPI support
  • [IMPROVE] When TransactionLog is enabled: No longer logging when player switches the server of clicks a shop-link
  • [IMPROVE] Players can now sell items with unsafe enchantments
  • [FIX] Updated Serverpinging
  • [FIX] Other tiny fixes


  • [IMPROVE] Now uses UUIDs for PlayerPoints
  • [IMPROVE] API Updates, custom points no longer use BossAPI. If you have a plugin which uses BossAPI for points, please update it
  • [FIX] Fixed Enjin Integration


  • [ADD] Added BossAPI support
  • [ADD] Added Unsafe Enchantment Support (Optional): Now you can add "cheat" enchantments like Sharpness X (10)!
  • [IMPROVE] API Updates
  • [IMPROVE] Improved a few other things


  • [ADD] New API Methods were added!
  • [IMPROVE] Better Balance Display:
    • Player Money - 461.041873205712964194561
    • Displayed Money - 461.04
  • [FIX] Now you can sell wood (With a specific sub-type) without problems!


  • [ADD] New API methods and possibilities were added
  • [IMPROVE] Now supporting even more symbols:
    • [<3] -> ❤
    • [*] -> ★
    • [] -> ✹
    • [o] -> ●
    • [v] -> ✔
    • [+] -> ♦
    • [x] -> ✦
    • [%] -> ♠
    • [%%] -> ♣
    • [radioactive] -> ☢
    • [peace] -> ☮
    • [moon] -> ☾
    • [crown] -> ♔
    • [note] -> ♩
  • [IMPROVE] Better Enchantment-Debugging (In case of Config mistakes)


  • [ADD] Added a new RewardType: 'Enchantment'. Now you can sell Enchantments!
  • [ADD] You can color the titles of your Inventories now
  • [ADD] Now Inventories are updated after a transaction if the shop works with overlapping items or displays the players balance
  • [IMPROVE] ShopName and Displayname of Shop can be different now!
  • [IMPROVE] Improved a few things


  • [Add] Added the /bs open <shop> <player> command. Allows to open Shops for other Players!
  • [IMPROVE] Improved the Debugger Structure
  • [NOTE] Cooming soon:
    • Cool Addons
    • Support for more Points Plugins
    • A ServerPinging Update

v2.0.0 (Boss Update)

  • [Add] Added a Config Header

v1.9.2 (Still Beta. If you want a stable version, use v1.8.3)

  • [ADD] Added Update Notifications (Optional)
  • [ADD] Added the "BossShop.open.command.<shopname>" permission.
    • BossShop.open - Gives access to all Shops
    • BossShop.open.command - Gives access to all Shops via command
    • BossShop.open.<shopname> - Gives access to the named Shop via command
    • BossShop.open.sign - Gives access to all Shops via sign
  • [IMPROVE] Now you can set the duration of potion effects to "Double" values (For example 0.5 seconds)
  • [FIX] Fixed the advanced inventory loader (When multiple items had the same Inventory Location, they were displayed in the wrong order)
  • [NOTE] Big BossShop v2.0 Release cooming soon! The Update won't break any Shops/Settings/Addons but it will contain a few more improvements. Also, with that update I will finally release something which will allow WAY EASIER CONFIG SETUP.

v1.9.1 (Beta):

  • [FIX] Minor Bugs were fixed
  • [NOTE] Program for easier Config Setup is cooming soon!

v1.9.0 (Beta):

*[WARNING] This update breaks the old version of GuiShopManager and BS-SingleUse. Sorry... but therefor it contains a better Shop System!

  • [REWROTE] The whole shop system was rewritten
  • [ADD] Added a command to close the currently opened inventory of a player: /bs close <name>
  • [ADD] Added a new event for Devs: BSDisplayItemEvent
  • [ADD] The new system unleashes many new possibilities. Now multiple Items can be on the same inventory slot and if the first of the items is hidden (for example cause of missing permissions), then the next item is shown.
  • [FIX] Fixed Item Stacking Issue (When selling items, the remaining items of the same type were stacked, even if they were not stackable)
  • [NOTE] Tried adding ingame-setup. It was almost finished but the result was to too complicated for server owners. I'll create an extra java program for easier setup soon! Player-shops (ingame) are still going to be released just with less possibilities! (Players will be able to sell Items for Money and Points.)


  • [Add] Added better API for BossShop Addons
    • New Event: BSReloadedEvent
    • New Class: BossShopAddon
    • And many different new methods
  • [REMOVE] Removed the BSShopItemCreatedEvent


  • [ADD] Added Custom Events for Plugin Devs
    • BSPlayerPurchaseEvent - Triggered when a player clicks an item and has enough permissions in order to buy it
    • BSPlayerPurchasedEvent - Triggered after a player clicked an item when he successfully bought it
    • BSShopItemCreatedEvent - Triggered when BossShop creates a new ShopItem (So when BossShop is loaded)
  • [IMPROVE] Now "ExtraPermission: [default]" detects players who are in no group
  • [IMPROVE] Improved config loading a little bit. More config mistakes are auto-fixed now.
  • [FIX] The lore of one of the default items was wrong (It displayed the wrong price)



  • [ADD] Now you can add GuiShopManager Items to the config. Just add this line to an item: "GuiShopManagerItem:<Name>". <Name> is the name of the item defined in the config. It's not the display name but the name of the path in the config.
  • [ADD] Now you can add variables like %player% and %itemname% to the name/lore of Reward Items
  • [IMPROVE] Improved config loading a little bit. More config mistakes are auto-fixed now.


  • [ADD] Now the Shop is closed when a player buys an Item with RewardType "Shop" and Reward '' (Empty Line)
  • [ADD] Added optional price multipliers (working with Permissions)
  • [IMPROVE] Improved the BossShop API

v1.6.6 (Beta):

  • [FIX] Fixed a tiny Server Pinging bug

v1.6.5 (Beta):

  • [ADD] Added a Server Pinging system which is able to display MOTD and player count of servers
    • Tags: %players% -> Player count; %motd% -> MOTD
    • You can add this Tags to the Displayname/Lore of your MenuItems
    • The MOTD and player count values are updated real-time, even when players have their mouse hovered on the items
  • [ADD] Added an optional TransactionLog logging all transactions
  • [IMPROVE] Added a few improvements to make the Setup even easier
  • [IMPROVE] Tweaked the code
  • [FIX] Now bought Items are dropped when the player does not have enough space in his inventory


  • [ADD] Now you can choose one PointsPlugin BossShop shall hook into when you are using multiple Points Plugins
  • [FIX] Enchantmentbooks finally work now (Also with anvils :D)

v1.6.3 (BETA):

  • [ADD] Added an optional feature which hides Items if players don't have permissions for them
  • [ADD] Now you can add more "tags" to the Names/Lores of your Items
    • %balance% will display the current Money Balance of a Player
    • %balancepoints% will display the current Points Balance of a Player
  • [IMPROVE] Players can't buy Permissions they already bought anymore


  • [IMPROVE] Now when somebody uses PlayerPoints AND Enjin (Containing Enjin Points) BossShop hooks into PlayerPoints


  • [FIX] Fixed the color mixer (It's creating the Dye colors for leather armor. Before, the blue color was missing.)


  • [ADD] Added Color Support: Now you can define the Color of Leather Armor etc. ("color:<red number>#<green number>#<blue number>")
  • [IMPROVE] Improved the BossShop Reload Feature
  • [FIX] Before BossShop was not able to take damaged Items
  • [FIX] Players are no longer able to sell damaged Flint & Steal (Before it was possible to cheat using them)
  • [FIX] Fixed a little "Melon Seeds Bug"


  • [FIX] Symbol replacement [#]->✹ was changed into []->✹ (Because "#" is already used to "skip" lines in lores)


  • [ADD] Added Enjin Points Support!


  • [FIX] Fixed problems caused by MenuItems which had no lore/name
  • [IMPROVE] BossShop won't reset Config Files containing Mistakes anymore! Instead it will tell the Mistake Line to make your life easier.
  • [NOTE] Ingame Setup is cooming soon!


  • [ADD] Added Symbol Support:
    • [<3] -> ❤
    • [*] -> ★
    • [] -> ✹
    • [o] -> ●
    • [v] -> ✔
    • [+] -> ♦
    • [x] -> ✦


  • [FIX] Fixed a little Tag Bug (The %name% tag was not working properly)
  • [CHANGE] Renamed the %name% tag into %itemname% (%name% is already used to display the player-name)
  • [IMPROVE] Improved the Default Configs, added a few more example Tags


  • [ADD] Added a second Server-Menu (Working with LilyPad) to the default Shop
  • [FIX] Now when closing a shop and the message line is empty, no message is sent (Before an empty line was sent)!


  • [ADD] Added new RewardType: BungeeCordServer. Sends player to the named BungeeCord Server!
  • [ADD] Added a Server-Menu to the default Shops
  • [ADD] Improved a few Default Shop Settings


  • [ADD] Added more "Tags" to the config:
    • %name% - Name of the ShopItem
    • %rewardtype% - The name of the RewardType
    • %reward% - The reward of the ShopItem
    • %pricetype% - The name of the PriceType
    • %price% - The price of the ShopItem
  • [FIX] Now closing all Shop Inventories when the server is reloaded to prevent glitching
  • [FIX] Players are no longer able to sell damaged Leather Armor (Before it was possible to cheat using them)


  • [FIX] BossShop will no longer send "empty" text lines
  • [FIX] Players are no longer able to sell damaged Items (Armor & Tools & Weapons. Before it was possible to cheat using them)


  • [ADD] Added more advanced BossShop API
  • [FIX] Now you can give the Shops all names you want. BossShop is able to detect whether the Inventory is a Shop-Inventory or not.
  • [CHANGE] BossShop now handles the inventories using ids instead of names
  • [ADD] Added new RewardType "Custom" for Plugin Devs
  • [ADD] Added a SellShop to the default shops
  • [NOTE] Ingame Shop-Setup cooming soon!



  • [ADD] PlayerHead support: Just add "playerhead:<name>" to the ItemData to rename your heads!
  • [ADD] New RewardType: PlayerCommand. A list of commands which will be executed by the player.
  • [ADD] An example head and an example Warp-Menu was added to the Default Configs


  • [FIX] Empty messages are no longer sent
  • [FIX] BossShop is now able to detect and take renamed/modified items


  • [FIX] When reloading BossShop the MenuItems were not updated properly
  • [FIX] Was not able to detect the reward number at RewardType Money


  • [IMPROVE] Improves "BugFinder". Now it will find almost all Config Mistakes. It will even try to fix them!
  • [ADD] Added "/bs check" Command which will display information about loaded Shops etc.


  • [REMOVE] Removed the create-example command (It was not really useful)


  • [REWRITE] The whole Inventory system was rewritten. BossShop now supports multiple (infinite) GUIs!
  • [ADD] Added RewardType: shop. It allows you to open an other GUI through an item. Now you can create complex Shop structures with menus etc.
  • [REWRITE] The old Shop examples were removed and new better ones were created!
  • [FIX] Players still needed Permissions even when a Permissions line was empty (The permissions plugin was checking for the "" permission)


  • [ADD] Added a command which allows you to create "ShopItem" examples with all kinds of RewardTypes and PriceTypes: /BossShop createExample <name> <rewardType> <priceType>


  • [ADD] Added PriceType: "free". Now you can allow your players to get ShopItems for free!


  • Release

Needs testing