Supported Plugins

The following list is of plugins who have BOSEconomy support enabled.

  • uQuest - A simple, overly customizable quest system.
  • Vault API - An API that lets you standardize your plugin setup.
  • Turnstile - Create turnstiles to prevent players from entering certain locations without paying.
  • ButtonWarp - Reward players with money for reaching a certain region of the world.
  • PhatLoots - Players can open linked chests and be rewarded with money.
  • RealShop - A very simple-to-use shop system to deal materials stored in chests.
  • TradeMod - A simple plugin allowing players to trade items.
  • WolfPound - Allows users to buy wolves, or get them for free.
  • Money2XP - Train your mcMMO skills using money.
  • Blacksmith - Lets you repair your tools with money.
  • Lottery - Win the lottery, gain some currency.
  • BuyAbilities - Allows players to purchase abilities or permissions with money.
  • Challenges - Admins can start server challenges for players to beat.
  • ChestShop - Turn a chest into a shop by simply placing a sign over it. ( my 1fav )
  • Showcase - A unique shop plugin letting you show what your selling. ( my 2fav )
  • Wurkit - Gives you currency for playing Minecraft...
  • Residence - Lets you buy protected land using econ systems.
  • EconomyPunga - PvP Econ Reward system.
  • Gold2Economy - Turn gold in to make it money!
  • FeaturePack - Buy skills, and other things!
  • LoginBonus - Get money for daily logins.
  • LocalShop - Another great shop plugin
  • Timeismoney - Something special
  • Is your plugin not on this list? Send me a message and I'll add it in!


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