BorderVisualizer 1.0.5b


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    Jul 1, 2013
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Supported Bukkit Versions

  • CB 1.5.2-R1.0


Version Changes

1.0.5 BETA

  • Wands are now cooler then the /zonemaker glass wand in War plugin :)
  • Added support for WAR (a.k.a. /warhub)
  • Added support for Residence
  • Detected some bugs, but not fixed yet (see caveats)
  • Default viewTypes are now loaded from config with /bv

1.0.4 BETA

  • Added BorderVisualize Wand (use /bv.. with wooden hoe equipped) BETA
    • Please let me know how it goes :s.. (does not work on griefprevention yet)
  • Fixed several bugs
  • Added support for Factions (faction, factionblock)
  • Fixed permission nodes [Will be added to list soon]

1.0.3 ALPHA

  • Added support for Regions-Region /bv regions OR /bv region (when WG not found)
  • Fixed dependency bug using /bv town,townblock ,...
  • Added /bv reload to reload config
  • Added /bv help , and /bv admin (admin help)
    • bordervisualizer.administrator
    • bordervisualizer.moderator
    • bordervisualizer.user

1.0.2 ALPHA

  • Added support for GriefPrevention claims /bv griefprevention
  • Fixed dependency bug using /bv
  • Fixed some messages

1.0.1 ALPHA

  • Fixed configuration bug
  • Added notification on /reload (for open views)
  • Added toggle by using the command again

1.0.0 ALPHA

  • First development release

- Regions Region's will not work for Poly regions (bugged)
- /reload will not remove open view's and requires a relog to remove
- /bv permissions, /bv update are not implemented yet
- Large towns, regions with walls instead of frames will lagg->crash the client and server
- Some command that are not meant to be used in the console will give an error
- The wand (Wooden Hoe) is not fully tested yet
- 1x1 regions will kick the player (cuz it sends 4 times the same corner blockchange)