boosCooldowns 3.6.0 BETA


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    Mar 31, 2013
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Supported Bukkit Versions

  • 1.5.1


  • Changed/Added:
    • Wildcards '*' can now be used!
      • Setting warmup/cooldown/price/limit for '/home *: 5' will put defined limitation on all '/home paremeters' like '/home name', '/home name world', but will not limit command '/home' without parameters!
      • Setting warmup/cooldown/price/limit for "'*': 5" will put defined limitation on all commands!
        • Please note that config file is parsed from top to bottom. So if you set warmup "'*': 1" and also "/home: 5" UNDER it, then "/home" will be on 5s warmup and all other commands will be on 1s warmup. But if you put "'*': 1" under "/home: 5", then "/home" will be on 1s cooldown!
  • Improved:
    • Even more lightweight!

WARNING! Please delete whole boosCooldowns folder in plugins directory or you risk potential problems! WARNING!