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I No Longer Work On This Plugin

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Have you written a book with the new book and quill, and realized that you needed to edit something after you signed it? This plugin is for you. If you need to edit the body of the book, you can unsign the book so that you can edit it and sign it again. Just need to rename it? There's also a one-command method in this plugin that allows you to rename books. You can copy a book, and you can require players to use up the materials that make a book and quill. You can also change the author of a book (want a book written by Herobrine or Notch?) and save books as .txt files on the server. Permissions is supported, and this plugin uses separate permissions for editing your own books vs other people's books.


Very simple. All you need to do is put the jar in your plugins folder. That's it :)


There are eight commands in this plugin:

Unsigns the book that you are holding (the highlighted item in your hot bar)
/rnbook <name>
Renames the book that you are holding
/rnauth <name>
Changes the author name for the book that you are holding. Note: this changes ownership, so if you take a book from someone who can't edit other people's books and you change the author name, that player cannot edit that book anymore.
/copybook [amount]
Copies the held written book, taking away a book, ink sack, and a feather (unless they either have the "free" permission or are in Creative mode). You don't need to specify an amount when using this command if you only want one copy.
/savebook <save name>
Saves a book as .txt files. Each page is a numbered .txt file inside a folder by the name of the book. Saved books can be found in the folder plugins/BookManager. Also found in the folder is a file called conf.yml. See below for details.
/loadbook <save name>
Takes a saved (or edited or new) book from the plugin folder and turns it into a book in-game.
/deletebook <save name>
Deletes a saved book in the plugins folder
Lists all the books saved in the plugins folder

Saved Books

When you save a book, it makes a folder who's name is whatever you set the save's name to be. The folder can be found in your plugins/BookManager folder. Inside that folder should be a bunch of numbered .txt files. Each one represents a page in the book. You can edit these files directly if you want. Note: there is no error-detection for when you make a page too long. I actually don't know what will happen if you make the pages too long (most likely either cutting it off or a graphical error), so be careful how long you make the files.

In the folder is also a file called conf.yml. This is the configuration file in YAML format for the book. The settings are as follows:

The title of the book
The author name of the book
Whether or not the book is avaiable to everybody with bookmanager.loadbook permission
Whether or not players need to use up the materials for a book and quill to get the book


There are eight main nodes (one for each command):

allows players to unsign their own books (defaults to everybody)
allows players to rename their own books (defaults to everybody)
allows players to change the author of books (defaults to OPs only)
allows players to copy a book (defaults to everybody)
allows players to save book as .txt files on the server (defaults to OPs only)
allows players to get books saved in the plugin folder as written books (defaults to everybody)
allows players to delete saved books in the plugin folder (defaults OPs only)
allows players to list all the saved books they have access to (defaults to everybody)

There are five sub nodes, all defaulting to OPs only:

allows players to unsign other player's books
allows players to rename other player's books
allows players to copy a book without using any materials
allows players to access all saved books
allows players to load books without using any materials

If you give a player one of these nodes, you don't need to give them the respective main node (for example, if a player has "bookmanager.unsign.other", that player does not need to be given the permission "bookmanager.unsign")

There are also three general permissions (for easier permissions control for admins):

removes all permissions from player for this plugin
allows player to edit their own books and make copies from materials
allows player to edit any book and make copies for free

Source Available Here on GitHub


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