This plugin adds new gamemodes to arenas: BombArena (Sabotage) & SndArena (Search-N-Destroy). Both arenas involve Explosive Ordnance: Planting & Defusing bombs.

Sabotage - BombArena
  • there is one bomb in the middle of the map.
  • there are two teams (each with their own base).
  • the objective is to destroy the other teams base.
  • or pevent your own base from behing destroyed by defusing the bomb.
  • use the /bomb cmd to join/create arenas.
Search-N-Destroy - SndArena
  • there are two teams: attackers & defenders.
  • the team closest to the bomb is designated as the attacking team.
  • the defenders cannot pickup the bomb.
  • Attackers can win by picking up the bomb and destroying an objective.
  • Defenders can win by defusing the bomb or letting time expire.
  • use the /snd cmd to join/create arenas.

So, what is so great about having alternate game-modes, like Demolition, CTF, Conquest, Extraction ? Well, they're fun and they add interesting new elements of game play. Each one with their own strategies involved. For example, let's consider an 8v8 where it's down to 1 person left on the other team. That last person cannot simple run and hide in order to gain a tie, because you can simple get the bomb and plant it.

What's cool is that if you see someone about to plant the bomb at your base, then there are a variety of ways to handle it: You can take a more defensive, conservative approach and simply kill the bomb carrier before he's able to plant the bomb (so that your team doesn't lose); Or you can take a more risky approach, and go for the win right then and there by letting him plant the bomb, then you can attempt to defuse it.

It takes about 7 seconds to plant the bomb, which starts a 30-45 second detonation timer (plently of time to leave the killzone before it explodes, but also plently of time for the other team to get back to their base and attempt to defuse the bomb). Finally, it takes about 7 seconds to defuse the bomb.


  1. download the BombArena.jar
  2. put it in your 'plugins' folder
  3. install BattleArena
  4. (optional) install BattleTracker

Arena Setup:



Commands & Permissions

  • Nodes that start with bombarena. are generally Admin commands.
  • Nodes that start with bomb. are generally regular player commands.
  • Commands for Sabotage are /bomb
  • Commands for Search-N-Destroy are /snd (same permission nodes)
/bomb joinarena.join.bombarenaEnter the arena.
/bomb leavearena.leave.bombarenaExit the arena.
/bomb statsbomb.statsDisplays your own personal BombArena stats.
/bomb stats <player>bomb.stats.otherDisplays another players stats.
/bomb stats top Xbomb.stats.topDisplays the BombArena Leaderboard.
/bomb spawnbomb <arena>bombarena.spawnbombAdds a spawn location for the bomb.
/bomb addbase <arena>bombarena.addbaseUsed to setup Bomb Arenas. Each Arena must have 2 bases defined.
/bomb removebase <arena>bombarena.addbaseUsed to delete one base.
/bomb removeallbases <arena>bombarena.addbaseUsed to delete ALL bases.
/bomb setConfig <option> <value>bombarena.setconfigUsed to change options in the config.yml
/bomb listConfigbombarena.setconfigUseful reference to see all the config.yml options.
/bomb debugbombarena.debugToggles debugging mode on/off.

How to display stats on your website

CrackShot Integration

How to install guns on your BombArena server

Single Player Testing

Want to quickly jump into a BombArena and test it out ? So you can get a feel for it ?

  • download VirtualPlayers2
  • Commands: (dc stands for do command)
  • dc <FakePlayerName> <command> [arguments]
  • dc tester connect
  • dc tester bomb join


I'm not accepting monetary donations, but if you wish to donate your time to this project, I will gladly accept!

How can you help ?

  1. Test out the Bomb Arena and give suggestions and feedback.
  2. Make a video about Demolition (like how to setup a Bomb Arena).
  3. Build custom arenas and share them with the Minecraft community! (post on the forums).
  4. I would also love to see some replicas of the classic arenas from SOCOM US Navy Seals! (which inspired me to create this plugin).
  5. Contribute code and/or ideas.

Alternatively, you can support my favorite developers:


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