This project is abandoned and its default file will likely not work with the most recent version of Minecraft. Whether this project is out of date or its author has marked it as abandoned, this project is no longer maintained.

This is a very small simple plugin makes boats slide gently over lilly pads merely slowing the boat, not breaking the boat or the pad. The idea that a boat can be destroyed by sliding over the top of a lily pad is ridiculous to a lot of minecraft players, especially ones who've ever been in a real boat and seen a real lily pad.

Neither the boat nor the lily pad are harmed by the boat running them over.

The amount of the boat slowdown in the plugin is configurable. The default settings will slow down a boat hitting a lily pad to about 1/3 speed and take about 1 second to decelerate to that speed.


    description: Is a player allowed to change the global settings for lily pad boat collisions
    default: false


# Settings:
#    (Note this comment is autogenerated.  Comments you write will be removed by the save
#     process.  No, I don't know how to fix this.)
# badColorCode:
#    The colors to show error messages in.
#    Use the standard minecraft color codes, omitting the squiggly-thing prefix character.
badColorCode: c
# goodColorCode:
#    The colors to show successful messages in.
#    Use the standard minecraft color codes, omitting the squiggly-thing prefix character.
goodColorCode: 6
# slowMultiplier:
#    A floating point coefficient for how fast a speed slows down per lily collision event thrown:
#        1.0 = boats stay the same speed.  They don't slow down at all when hitting lily pads.
#        0.0 = boats instantly go to speed zero (full stop) when hitting lily pads.
#        0.7 = typical value.  Each event knocks the speed to 95% of what it was before, and
#               as a boat moves across a lily pad, many events are thrown and it's speed will
#               slow down rather fast but not instantly.
#        If the value is > 1.0, then lily pads would actually acellerate boats.  This is
#        silly but I can't see a reason to prevent admins from giving it a try so it was
#        left open as a possibility.
slowMultiplier: 0.75
# maxSlowSpeed:
#    The maximum speed a boat can go on lily pads without being slowed.  When a boat
#    on a lily pad is going faster than this speed, it will have its speed reduced
#    by slowMultiplier (see above) per event where it's still on the lily pad.  Once#    the speed is below this value, then the slowMultiplier won't be applied anymore.
#    (For reference. the normal boat max speed is about 0.33)
maxSlowSpeed: 0.08


      /boatlily slowMult <num>  : Set the slowness multiplier caused by lilies on boats to <num>, where <num> is a floating point number between 0.0 and 1.0.  Typical value is 0.75.
      /boatlily maxSlowSpeed <num> : Set the max speed that a boat is allowed to go across lily pads without being subjected to the slowMult multiplier.
      /boatlily info : See a dump of the current settings.


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