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1.6 for CraftBukkit 1.10 to 1.12 (Februari 25, 2018, download)

  • Updated to work with TerrainControl 2.8.2+.

1.5 for CraftBukkit 1.8 to 1.10 (March 1, 2016, download)

  • Updated to be compatible with Spigot 1.9 (still works on Spigot 1.8, also works on Spigot 1.10).

1.4 for CraftBukkit 1.7.10-R0.1 (November 8, 2014, download)

  • Updated to be compatible with Terrain Control 2.6.3 and future versions. (BO3Tools 1.3 still works on Terrain Control 2.6.3, but won't work on versions after that.)
  • /convertbo2 command now renames the old BO2 file to oldname.bo2.old, just like the /convertallbo2 command does.

1.3 for CraftBukkit 1.7.5-R0.1 (March 23, 2014, download)

  • Added a /convertallbo2 command to convert all BO2s of a world/in the GlobalObjects folder.
  • Updated to be compatible with Terrain Control 2.6.0.

1.2 for CraftBukkit 1.5.1-R0.2 (June 5, 2013, download)

  • Pernament (non-decaying) leaves will now be saved as decayable leaves in the BO3. You can disable this by adding --noleavesfix to the export command.
  • Right click a block with glowstone dust to mark is as a BlockCheck for the next exported BO3. (This means that the BO3 will only spawn when a block of that type is at that position.)
  • Left click a block with glowstone dust to cancel the block being a BlockCheck.
  • The tree setting of the BO3 is now set to true only when the BO3 has leaves in it. (Previously, it was always set to true.)

1.1 for CraftBukkit 1.5.1-R0.2 (April 13, 2013, download)

  • Added option to include tile entities in BO3 when exporting a BO3 with /exportbo3.
  • Added tab completion support to export command.

1.0 for CraftBukkit 1.4.7-R1 (March 10, 2013, download)

  • Initial release.
  • Exports a WorldEdit selection to a BO3.
  • Converts BO2s to BO3s.