BlueTelepads - Seamless, commandless, admin or player controlled multiworld teleport

Create a system of symmetric telepads for your server!


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How To

To use BlueTelepads, build two telepads. For both pads, you'll need:

  • 2 signs
  • 2 center blocks (lapis lazuli by default, where the plugin gets its name!)
  • 16 double or single slabs (smooth stone double slabs by default)
  • 2 stone pressure plates Once you have your materials together, build your two telepads:
  1. Place the center block.
  2. Place the slabs to the north, south, east, and west of the center block.
  3. Place a sign underneath the center block. Make the fourth line of the sign the telepad's location name, if you want.
    • The direction the sign is facing is important. Players will spawn at the destination telepad facing the text of the destination pad's sign.
    • For the name, if you have a telepad on the roof of your house, and you set the fourth line to "My Roof," when you teleport there, BlueTelepads will tell you "Sending you to My Roof."
  4. Place a stone pressure plate on top of the center block.
  5. After you've built your telepads, tap (left click) the pressure plate of both telepads with redstone.
  6. Start teleporting!


  • Symmetric telepad system (two telepads are linked to each other)
  • Commandless operation
  • Telepad creation can be controlled by admins or left to players via permissions
  • No databases
  • Automatically links with various economy plugins via Nijikokun's Register API
  • Allowed maximum distance between telepads is configurable
  • Telepad materials are configurable
  • Warmup and cooldown times are configurable
  • Players and groups with permissions can create asymmetric free telepads (free to go out, but pay to come back, or vice versa)


bluetelepads.useEveryoneAllows the use of telepads
bluetelepads.createEveryoneAllows the creation of pay-to-use telepads
bluetelepads.createfreeOpsAllows the creation of free telepads
bluetelepads.destroyOpsAllows destruction of signs for active (linked and not reset) pads
bluetelepads.alwaysfreeNo oneGrants free teleports on all pads




See default config file for options and instructions.


ne0nx3r0: ne0n was the original developer of BlueTelepads. He left his plugins up for grabs, and it was picked up and cared for by...
Specops343: Specops picked up BlueTelepads and kept it alive after ne0n stopped development.

Many thanks to both of them for their hard work on this plugin.


[Version 1.3]

  • Pets now teleport with their owners inter- and intra-world (Code contributed by @tobast)
  • Wood slabs removed as an option. Wood slab pads will magically become smooth stone slab pads when converted from v1 to v2.
  • Pads updated to v2. Pads will auto convert the first time a player hits the pressure plate.
  • Pads now support locations up to +/-512,000 x and z. (Thanks, @Crazdale)

[Version 1.2.3]

  • Fix error when a server had no economy plugins at all (thanks, @snowy007)

[Version 1.2.2]

  • Compiled against Craftbukkit 1.2.4-R1.0 (2126)
  • Compiled against Vault 1.2.13. Economies fixed
  • You can now use ampersand-based color codes in destination names
  • BT will now track pads and force the plates to pop back up 1 second after they're used (works around MC 1.2.3+ bug)

[Version 1.2.1]

  • Compiled against Craftbukkkit b1.2.3-R0.2 (2060).
  • Implemented the disableEconomy option (oops)
  • KNOWN ISSUE: Vault appears to have an issue with the current beta. set disableEconomy to true to work around for the time being.

[Version 1.2]

  • Updated listeners to new Bukkit API
  • Updated config to new Bukkit API
  • Switched economy lib from Register to Vault

[Version 1.1]

  • Add customizable messages for players to use their own or translate the plugin
  • Add option to disable economy even if detected, allowing use of all slab types
  • Fix a Null Pointer Exception on servers that do not have an economy installed
  • Add 1.8 slab types

[Version 1.0.1]

  • Fix bad Register.jar link

[Version 1.0]

  • Assorted bug fixes for 1.0 release
  • Add option to use single slabs

[Version 1.0b2]

  • Players were facing 180 degrees the wrong direction after teleporting
  • Fixed a bug where a lagging player could move slightly after stepping on the telepad, then hold still to teleport
  • Fixed a bug with calculating the slab destination option
  • Added missing destroy permission in plugin.yml
  • Move config loading so that only one server reboot is required on initial install
  • Fix for useSlabAsDestination only working with WALL_SIGN and not SIGN_POST

[Version 1.0b1]

  • Initial public release
  • Added Register/Economy integration and free and pay teleport pads
  • Yanked Permissions support (deprecated plugin)
  • Added Bukkit Superperms support
  • Fixed bug where players could spawn multiple messages on a telepad
  • Major code cleanup
  • Exposed warmup and cooldown times as config options instead of hardcoding them
  • Added option to teleport players to slab across from sign instead of atop the pressure plate
  • Prevent signs from being broken


[Version 0.5.3]

  • Plugin Keep Alive! :)


[Version 0.5.3]

  • Sign now determines the direction you end up facing

[Version 0.5.2]

  • Added disable_teleport_message flag

[Version 0.5.1]

  • Player now lands on the receiving telepad instead of in front of it, and is facing the direction he is when he leaves

[Version 0.5]

  • Player now lands on the receiving telepad instead of in front of it, and is facing the direction he is when he leaves
  • Added "telepad_center" and "telepad_surrounding" config options, so users can specify the id of the block to be used. 0 = anything

[Version 0.4.1]

  • Added 'disable_teleport_wait' true/false option in config.yml; this will disable the 'preparing to send you to' wait time when you step on the telepad.

[Version 0.4]

  • Bug fixes here and there
  • Fixed issue with long range telepads not linking
  • You can now reset a telepad for re-linking by breaking the pressure plate on top of it, then clicking on the lapis block with redstone. Then you can relink it!

[Version 0.3.2]

  • Fixed a few NPE, also added right clicking on telepads removes the stored location

[Version 0.3.1]

  • Changed name line on telepad signs to the 4th line

[Version 0.3]

  • Removed water effect, still working multi-world functionality, changed storage method for signs (for multiworld primarily), added permissions/op only support, added max_distance, added config file.

[Version 0.2]

  • Added timeout between ports, switched to sync instead of async events

[Version 0.1]

  • Initial update


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