Blood Particles

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Great Plugin! I luv how it is Customizable.

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Love the plugin. Will be using this. I'm hoping for future updates!

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Haha! I love it and the people on my server likes it, especially with mob arena!

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Ever wanted blood particles added to your game? If yes then this is the right place for you.

This is a Simple small Plugin I created just for the likes of you guys. This adds Blood Particles Square like or Minecraft looking Particles to Players and Mobs when they're damaged or damage you.


  • there is no command YET to disable blood. Please use the plugin called Plugman to disable it when needed.


  • ReaperNationYT (IGN)


  • 1.8


  • Add a Command to enable Blood
  • Customizable Blood Particles (Less or More Particles)
  • Different Colored Effects for Different Mobs (Yellow Blood for Blazes)
  • Make a Custom Logo
  • Logo Made from Scratch
  • keep Plugin up to Date (this "TODO" will be crossed out unless an Update is needed)


  • (NEW) Customizable Blood!
  • (NEW) Reload Config command! (you don't have to reload server to reload the config)
  • Different Colored Blood for Certain mobs (all Mobs done)
  • Minecraft looking blood particles
  • Blood

Base Commands:

/bloodparticlesBase Command for Blood ParticlesNo Perms
/bloodShortcut for '/bloodparticles'No Perms
/bpShortcut for '/bloodparticles' or '/blood'No Perms

Action Commands (e.g. "/bp <action>"):

/bp reloadReloads the Configuration fileblood.reload
/bp infoGives the Current plugin
/bp cmdViews a List of all the Commandsblood.commands


  • description: this permission is for all the blood permissions
  • children:
    1. blood.reload: true
    2. true
    3. blood.commands: true
  • default: op

Top Reviews:

VariationVault's Review:

How to Install:

  1. Simply drag the downloaded plugin to you Plugins folder.
  2. Then reload or start the server.
  3. Finally relax and enjoy

This is a plugin just for fun. If you are offended or think i copied you please contact me @: [email protected]. If you also have any feedback or suggestions i would love to hear in the comments. If you liked it or enjoyed it please give me some support and credit.


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