KillCounter is designed to be a tool to measure the amount of kills a player has! You can change players' kills in-game, so nothing is required out of game. KillCounter uses the config to keep track of kills, so unlike other plugins, you won't need a mysql


- Easy permissions
- User friendly
- Ingame manipulation

Upcoming Features

- Leaderboard(Toggleable)
- Toggleable Economy
- Custom ingame messages
- Any suggestions from everyone here!
- Easier to use commands!

Known Conflicts With Other Plugins

- The scoreboard is overridden with plugins such as BattleArena
- In PvP Plugins, KillCounter counts each kill the player has.
- Sometimes when a player joins, their name isn't added to the config. In this case, delete their file from the playerdata folder in your world folder.
Plugins needed for KillCounter to run and Function
- Vault
- Some type of Economy! I Suggest Essentials Economy!

Permissions and Commands

kc.base - Displays the KillCounter commands - /kc
kc.addKill - Adds a kill to the specified player - /kcaddKill <player>
kc.removeKill - Removes a kill from the specified player - /kcremoveKill <player>
kc.addDeath - Adds a death to the specified player - /kcaddDeath <player>
kc.removeDeath - Removes a death from the specified player - /kcremoveDeath <player>
kc.reset - Resets every player's stats - /kcreset
kc.check - Checks the specified player's stats - /kccheck <player>


As of version 2.0, you can have more than one custom kill amount. In order to do this you must do the following. In the config.yml there is options for each KillAmount (KillAmount, KillAmount1, KillAmount2, KillAmount3, KillAmount4) After you are finished, give each group these permissions based on what group they are and the corresponding values in the config:
kc.kill.default: This will give them the default "KillAmount"
How to Install
1. Download Vault.jar from here
2. Download the latest version of KillCounter
3. Drag Vault.jar into your plugins folder and restart your server.
4. Drag KillCounter.jar into your plugins folder and restart your server.
Testing Servers
If you would like your server (Must use KillCounter) be put here, please say something in the comments. This will advertise your server as well as give users an opportunity to test the plugin!


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