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This page is very outdated, working on updating a new wiki on GitHub!
For a more updated wiki of iSafe click here
It is still in work thought.

Here you will catch a lot of material about iSafe; what it does, FAQ's, bugs, encounters’ etc..
Take a decent look through this page if you got issues, questions or something familiar.


  1. The permission nodes doesn't work!
    1. If you are using PermissionsEX, then it may be because you're writing them with a uppercase letter, try to write them with only lowercase letters, if that doesn't work, report to the PermissionsEX developer(s) and not me, as iSafe's permission nodes are confirmed working.
  2. Why does it stand "blockthattnt" in the address?
    1. This is because this was first a special tnt plugin, do not mind about it.
  3. Can you add prevention for the "Server overloaded" message?
    1. I will most likely not add this, why? Because you can do this with bukkit. Go into your bukkit.yml and find "warn-on-overload" and set it to false.
  4. Is there a workaround resolution for the PermissionsEx issue?
    1. Yes there is a very calm one actually. Just boot up the server with iSafe and PermissionsEx, afterwards you reload the server and the problem will most likely be fixed.
  5. What permissions plugins is this supporting?
    1. iSafe supports every permissions plugin that hooks into the native bukkit permissions. (Super perms)
  6. Why doesn't the spawn egg blacklist work?
    1. You're doing it wrong. You need to inout the creature name/id not the spawn egg id.


Permission nodes

Change Log

Known Issues

  • If you're updating to a new version of iSafe and the new version got new config nodes and/or fixing/removal of some old, without deleting it, the config node will not remove old config nodes, making it sometimes un-compatible with some of the features of iSafe. Partly fixed in v2.62
  • When prevention of damage by ender dragons for objects is enabled, ender dragons will fly through objects like they were not there.
  • Sometimes double alerting to a player on TNT break.
  • The superbreak command gives errors to the console when done from console.
  • iSafe broadcasting even if you have disabled it in the configuration file. Fixed in v2.64
  • Teleporting to the creature/player that got damaged to the spawnlocation when damaged. Fixed in v2.65
  • Sometimes not alerting when an update is available.
  • Not informing an administrator when an update is available on join. Fixed in v2.67
  • Players can break blocks which has a custom drop in a protected region. Fixed in v2.68
  • InvalidConfigurationException on userFile generation. Fixed in v2.71

Issues? Post a ticket or contact the developer(s)

Bukkit thread

All files

Superperms (Bukkit's native permissions APII)

Superperms is the default bukkit API permissions. You will need a permission plugins to support Superperms. (Examples: bPermissions, PermissionsEX, PermissionsBukkit) As iSafe is purely using superperms, a permission plugin that does not support superperms would not work, in that case iSafe will default to OP. iSafe also got a confirmation on its permission nodes. You can read about superperms/bukkit permissions here.

Superperms are Bukkit's native permissions API which (if) you use a permissions plugin (Like PermissionsEx) need to support for plugins only supporting 'Superperms' like iSafe. If you're not using a Permissions plugin, all the permission nodes in iSafe will default too "OP". This means if you are an OP on the server; you will have access to all permissions within this plugin.


iSafe is a plugin that has frequently updates. iSafe can have several updated a week, and sometimes only one. Once a new version of bukkit is released (a recommended/beta build) iSafe will update as fast as possible. If Minecraft is updating to a version that's incompatible with the current bukkit, then iSafe will try to find a compatible build for that Minecraft version. (I only recommend using a recommended/beta build of bukkit)


I fully take all requests/suggestions into consideration, if I feel like it’s needed and I’m compatible to code it I will do my best to include it.

Emergency chunk loader

iSafe got a pretty easy code to load chunks to the world. But I recommend not to use it, I tell you why; When the emergency chunk loader is loading chunks: iSafe sends the "command" to load chunks to bukkit, then bukkit needs to handle those chunks and then save/load them in/from the world folder and then sends them to the client. It would make more lag than usual.

World register, initializing, saving and unloading

The world register/ initializing and saving feature will apply for the world is loading, initializing, unloading or/and saving. Then register them and sends notifies to the console. As simple as that :)

Want to help/work with isafe?

I greatly take all the help I could get.
I'm looking for contributors, testers, documenters, artists and/or coders.
Also looking out to be a team doing a good amount of effort :)


Installation Guide

Java build support

iSafe is mainly running on Java JDK 1.7
But I believe it's also working on 1.6.
iSafe does in most cases not work with 1.5 or more older. Future support for these is planned but not promised.


iSafe is being coded with NetBeans IDE 7.*


iSafe is licensed under the GNU General Public License version 3 (GPLv3)

Planned features

  • Improving the permission nodes.
  • Interacting of dispensers and furnaces.
  • More specific options for item blacklisting.
  • IP logger.
  • Multi-world configs.
  • More event alerters.
  • Add blacklist effect for specific OPs. (Which you decide in the config of course)

And there will always be something else coming up.
If you got a suggestion for a new feature, improvements or something familiar, Create a ticket.

Update checker

The update checker will check for updates approximately every 30 minutes. It will not download anything; only attentive you aimed at the new update.
The update checker will also warn the users with the permission iSafe.* or if the user is OP, on join.


This will appear in the console on server start-up if the version in the pdffile is not corresponding towards the file version, or the version in the file is not corresponding towards the pdffile version.
If you are experiencing this, please contact me via BukkitDev or a ticket.