iSafe v3.5


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    Apr 12, 2013
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Supported Bukkit Versions

  • CB 1.5.1-R0.1


Version 3.5

  • Removed a couple old unused permissions.
  • Fixed some typos and rewrote some sentences in file headers.
  • Updated the updater.
  • Removed some left-over pieces from the old updater.
  • Fixed kick messages.
  • Total revamp of blacklist system!
    • Rewrote everything from scratch.
    • There will now be made a folder called "Blacklists" in the iSafe directory. Inside this folder, additional folders will be created, having the names of your worlds. Inside these folders a file called "Blacklist.yml" will be made, and inside this file you can manage blacklisting.
    • Added full support for item data values. (Such as 35:15 for black wool only, and not all wool colors)
    • Blacklisting is now organized in ArrayLists, and not with the previous comma seperation system.
    • The new system should be more efficient.
    • Permissions changed.
  • Added per-block/per-command/etc permissions for blacklists!
    • Example: '' would make you bypass stone if blacklisted, but not anything else in the blacklist.
  • Improved the variable scanner, and changed variables.
  • Added messages and alerting for pickup blacklist.
  • Fixed MobSpawn blacklists not working at all.
  • Added a new command. (/isafe updatecheck)
  • Removed specific invisibility potion prevention options, as they can be done using the blacklists.
  • Added a consume blacklist.
    • The consume event is called whenever a player eats, drinks potions and so forth.
  • Fixed new versions of iSafe not being disabled correctly in the join notify.
  • Fixed a formatting issue in IPLog.yml

The old blacklists.yml will have no function on your server anymore, iSafe will only listen to and take actions according to the new blacklist management files.