iSafe v3.4


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    Jan 4, 2013
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Supported Bukkit Versions

  • CB 1.4.6-R0.3


Version 3.4

  • Fixed a permissions notify duplication.
  • Fixed invisibility potion prevention not fully working.
  • Fixed user files not updating the displayname of the player.
  • Removed the resetFile command. Was never actually used.
  • Improved permissions handling.
  • Improved thread safety.
  • Fixed place blacklist notifying about break prevention.
  • Updated support for schedulers.
  • Updated metrics to the latest revision.
  • Moved main config to a separate class & package.
  • Lots of code cleanup.
  • Improved the UserFile update process.
  • User files will now update whenever the player joins too.
  • Renamed "Level" to "ExpLevel" in user files.
    • Will convert automatically.
  • User files will now start to be actually used for something.
  • Brand new AntiCheat/Security feature, IPManagement!
    • Uses the UserFiles feature. UserFiles needs to be enabled in order for this to work.
    • Can lock IP Addresses to the users, if a user with the same name logs on with a different IP, he will be kicked.
    • Can manage how many accounts that can be created on one ip.
    • Can manage how many IPs one account can access the server through.
    • Currently quite small features, but will expand quite much with the time coming. (Adding commands, multi IPLocks, etc etc)
    • UserFiles no longer updates the IP of a player on join/quit, obviously. (Will be added an exception of this later)
  • Added new node to userFiles. (IsBanned)
  • Added more strings/messages to the Messages.yml config.
  • Moved user files directory from 'iSafe/Users' to 'iSafe/UserFiles/Users'.
    • This is for more organization.
    • Files existing inside the old Users directory will be automatically moved over to the new location.
    • The move process time is depending on how many user files you got. 10,000 would take about 5 seconds.
  • Added an IPLog.yml file.
    • This is mostly an utility/database file for iSafe to use. It can be edited thought.
    • The isafe reload command is supported.
    • Will be fully editable in the feature. (To cooporate with IPManagement for exceptions, etc etc)
  • UserFiles now updates their header in the udate process too.
  • Supports 1.4.6

Sorry for inactivity, has been quite busy with school finals, but I'm back now hopefully!

On note, sub-IDs support for blacklists has been pushed out to a later date due to a couple big bugs with the system.

It would be really appreciated if you could report any issues found! :)