iSafe v3.2


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    Sep 5, 2012
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Supported Bukkit Versions

  • CB 1.3.1-R2.0


Version 3.2

  • Fixed loading issues with ISafeConfig.yml & Messages.yml.
  • blacklist.yml is now named blacklists.yml
  • Made censor case insensitive.
  • Improved/updated the update checker.
  • All blacklists have been completely recoded and revamped.
    • There's now a much greater and possibility full multi-world support for blacklists.
    • All blacklists except chat/censor & command blacklists now uses a much easier and understandable 'list' to choose disallowed blocks.
    • To keep things cleaner, blacklists related to blocks/items only supports their ID, not name.
    • Simple mistake corrector. Will correct, what probably will be 'common' editing mistakes.
    • This update should improve the server's performance.
  • Added KickPlayer option, and bypass permissions to the chat blacklist.
  • What the.. Sorry for bucket issues.. some wierd noob mistake I've done, ugh.
  • Fixed sprint & sneak issues.
  • Added a very simple spam check.
    • This check is under development, if you have a better alterantive, you should use that at the moment.
    • This spam check will individually support command spam later.
  • Cleanup with the update notify.
  • Fixed, if using Vault for permission, blacklists would send out a duplicated no permission message.
  • Fixed commands not using the proper permission method, leading to Vault support not working properly.
  • Added command /isafe resetfile <file>.
    • This will reset the specefic file to it's default settings.
    • Example: /isafe resetfile config.yml
  • Added command permission wildcard. (iSafe.command.*)
  • Added PistonExtend blacklist.
    • Prevent pistons from extending, if the intended row contains a blacklisted block.
  • Fixed a little typo related to enchantments.
  • Fixed enchantment permissions to use the new bypass category.
  • Did a hacky "fix" for users using EssentialsProtect to handle explosions.
    • The error some of you get is usally thrown out by EssProt, therefor this "fix" will probably not 'take action'.
  • Some users have noticed grass not growing. I found no issues in iSafe, but I have currently temporary removed the prevention for grass growth.

iSafe will create a new file called blacklists.yml the old blacklist file (blacklist.yml is no longer in function!
iSafe's blacklist logic has been re-done completely, and should, hopefully, work much better and smoother.
Full multi-world support has been added to blacklists, by this I mean there's now per-world settings.

I'm going to start focusing a bit more with server "protection", after I've finished the blacklist revamp completely. Only part left is for you users to report any bugs/issues you may find.

I will never make something like AntiCheat or NoCheat / +.

Due to technical issues with my current computer, I can only debug and check the most new features very quick and simple. I should recieve my new bought computer this or next week, thought :)