iSafe v3.0 BETA


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    Aug 11, 2012
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Supported Bukkit Versions

  • CB 1.3.1-R1.0



  • Fixed players not being able to break blocks under water.
  • Fixed a NPE sometimes appearing during file generations.
  • Fixed structures not growing in worlds.
  • Fixed duplication of TreeGrowth Redwood prevention.
  • Fixed another exploitation which made you able to break blocks in protected regions.
  • Fixed players not being teleported to spawn on void fall if damage was disabled.
  • Fixed a compatibility issue related to sneak & sprint prevention.
  • Really fixed the errors appearing when entities enters vehicles.
  • Fixed prevention for vehicles.
  • Fixed the place blacklist sometimes allowing blocks to be placed even if the block was disallowed.
  • Fixed break blacklist breaking block loggers.
  • Fixed prevention for gamemode change being opposite of what displayed.
  • Fixed censor listener having the command blacklist name.
  • Fixed players in creative mode being able to bypass blacklists.
  • Fixed break & drop blacklist using the same world database as the place blacklist.
  • Support for 1.3.1.


  • Added permissions to use flint and steel.
  • Added 'Messages.yml'. In this file you can alter messages sendt out by iSafe.
  • Added an example user file.
  • Added an extra check for OP status when a new update is found.
  • Added gamemode and level to user files.
  • Added a new file called iSafeConfig.yml, in this file you can manage settings directly related to iSafe.
  • Added VerboseLogging.
  • Added simple DebugMode.
  • Made it configurable to check for updates.
  • Added fireballs to ignition prevention.
  • Added the possibility to disable portal generation.
  • Added config setting VoidFall.TeleportPlayerBackAndFixHole.
    • Choose between fixing hole with bedrock or glass.
  • Added Vault support! iSafe is no longer only using super perms.
    • You can chose whether to use vault for permissions or super perms.
  • Added color support, you can customize the color for messages in the Messages.yml file.
  • Made it configurable to create user files.
  • Added the ability to kick the joiner if the same nick is already online.
  • Added permissions to create portals.
  • Added Interact blacklist.
  • Added 'ConfigVersion' to each configuration file.
    • This will help me to determine which version your configuration file is so it can modified to be up to date in further versions.


  • Removed instantbreak and superbreak command.
  • Removed stopserver command.
  • Removed world registering.
  • Removed infinite itemtacks.
  • Removed useless fire spread code.
  • Removed World.Prevent-naturally-object-dispensing, this can now be altered in the dispense blacklist.
  • Removed forcedrop bookshelf.
  • Why would anyone teleport a creeper to the spawn point if he falls down into the void? Removed..
  • Removed attk prevention.
  • Removed pointless permissions check.
  • Temporary removed alerts with the pickup blacklist untill I find a better fix for spam.
  • Removed combusting prevention for creatures that doesn't normally combust.


  • Renamed permission node iSafe.* to iSafe.admin.
  • Now managing files while the plugin is loading, not when it's enabling.
  • Improved fire prevention code.
  • Improved the user node updater in the userFiles.
  • There's now only one main command which follows with several arguments. (/iSafe [argument])
  • Rewritten the update checker.
  • Updated the info command.
  • Now fire spread will be 100% disabled if prevented.
  • Replaced entityManager.yml with creatureManager.yml.
    • The only thing being inside entityManager was creature settings, and after some thinking I just thought it would be better to leave it as a creatureManager file.
  • Improved the prevent gamemode changing feature.
  • Made blacklists & censor fully case insensitive.
  • Made some tweaks with the command blacklist.
  • Improved the console debuggers related to blacklists.
  • Blacklist cleanup.
  • Should improve performance.

This almost a complete rewritte of the whole plugin, most bugs have been fixed but new bugs can or will at some time ocurr, therefor I have released this as a BETA version.

All files have been rewritten, therefor you need to delete all files except user files and let iSafe generate the new files.
User files will automatically convert.

If you find an issue or something you don't like, please report it.