iSafe v2.50


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    Feb 14, 2012
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Supported Bukkit Versions

  • CB 1.1-R4


  • Added drops configurating.
  • Fixed a "quality" issue, related to the main config.
  • Added User Libraries.
  • Added update checker.
  • Fixed reload twice bug.
  • Fixed the PEX notifier not notifying in some cases.
  • Added multi strings support to command blacklists.
  • Added first stage of multi-world support for commands blacklist.
  • Fixed and remade the prevent sneaking and sprinting preventions, this should fix some issues some users have had.
  • Added EntityTo-Spawnlocation configurations.
  • Fixed damage causes to only affect players.
  • Fixed damage preventions not working.
  • Added configuable damage causes to seperatly support creatures and players.
  • Fixed enderdragons being removed when only cancelling their explosions.
  • Made explosions display, but not damaging objects.
  • Fixed events being registered twice, and therfore sending out duplicated events.
  • Fixed duplication for getting the main config.
  • Seperated the config headers from the config strings.
  • Added multi-world support for buckets.
  • Removed un-used code, and the rest of the deprecated config.
  • Updated to bukkit R4.

This version fixes a huge memory leak within iSafe!