iSafe v2.44


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    Jan 25, 2012
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Supported Bukkit Versions

  • CB 1.1-R1


  • Added a new command, (/save-worlds) - save all the worlds.
  • Added complete prevention of placing | breaking and droping.
  • Fixed and added some permission nodes.
  • Added "arrow to the knee" prevention or/and punishment(s).
  • Added another mob spawn reason prevention.. Custom.
  • Reformed the config headers.
  • Fixed the join message going out to server chat and overriding the default join msg.
  • Added several preventions of teleportation causes. (also added a new config category - teleport)
  • Fixed a NPE forcing the plugin to disable.
  • Fixed blacklist alerters sending alerts when the player had access to the event.
  • Fixed iSafe.break and iSafe.drop not responding correctly.
  • Re added the full compitability for 1.1, and this time working with craftbukkit correctly.
  • Reformed the event registering, to the new event registering system. (if ur using 1.0.1 you will get tons of error, use 1.1)
  • Reformed the config nodes to respond to the new bukkit system.
  • Kinda cleaned up the whole plugin with this new event and config system.
  • Fixed an important boolean bug with the entity spawn prevention.
  • Updated to 1.1 recommended build.
  • Updated the isafe-info command information.
  • Reformed the class readers to partly initialize the classes on enable.
  • Fixed some minor bugs in the Listener classes
  • Removed un-used statements.
  • Fixed spam on playerJoin and command loggers.
  • Changed location for getting the server.

You HAVE to reload your server twice to make iSafe work with the config, I believe this is only happening when the iSafe.jar is changed some way, like updating it.