iSafe v2.40


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    Jan 15, 2012
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Supported Bukkit Versions

  • CB 1.0.1-R1


  • Changed config location.
  • Moved the storage of iSafe to a dedicated folder, including git.
  • Added infinite itemstacks
  • Added blacklists! (for object: placed, broken, droped)
  • Added loggers/alerters to the blacklists.
  • Did a good clean up of the configuration file.
  • The join message is not written as "event.setJoinMessage(...)" instead of "player.sendMessage(...)"
  • Removed un-needed logger, and changed the location for the configuration logger.
  • Added LICENSE.txt to the project.
  • Corrected some fire events.
  • Added an username identifier, kick the player if another player with the same username log's on.
  • Fixed the sneak prevention.
  • Reformed the bucket usage prevention a little.
  • Fixed the physics prevention.
  • Added instantbreak, like creative.
  • Added prevention of naturally object dispensing.
  • Added; force blocks to be buildable.
  • Cleaned up the entity listener a bit.
  • Fixed crop trampling, and seprated crop trampling by players and creatures.
  • Changed some default false|true settings.
  • Added prevention of structure growth.
  • Added prevention of bonemeal usage.
  • Added prevention for the strcuture growth: BIG_TREE, BIRCH, BROWN_MUSHROOM, REDWOOD, RED_MUSHROOM, TALL_REDWOOD, TREE.
  • Added the rest of the change log for iSafe to the CHANGELOG.txt
  • Fixed a typo in the vehicle listener class.
  • Added alert message when typing a command with to many arguments.

Structure growth not tested, same with the argument alerts and I may have a belief that the force buildable will cause a NPE.