iSafe v2.1.5


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    Dec 9, 2011
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Supported Bukkit Versions

  • 1.0.0


  • Updated to 1.0.0 (be aware that it’s not a recommended build of bukkit).
  • Fixed Un-Needed imports.
  • Fixed a «unknown» explosion bug.
  • Added Ender Dragons, Pigs, Cows and Sheep’s to mobs blockment.
  • Fixed duplication of “allow endermen spawn” (also fixed endermen spawn not working).
  • Added “player.getWorld” to some places I forgot/didn’t add.
  • Added “Player Interact” events, such as buttons, doors, levers etc blockment.
  • Added Buttons blockment.
  • Added WoodenDoors blockment.
  • Added IronDoors blockment.
  • Added Levers blockment.
  • Added StonePressurePlate blockment.
  • Added WoodenPressurePlate blockment.
  • Added TrapDoor blockment.
  • Added WoodenFenceGate blockment.
  • Added Chest blockment.
  • Added more config and permission nodes.

Found an “issue” it’s just bukkit or PEX that’s a little strict on it really. IF ur not using a caps letter in a permission node with a caps letter in it, the permission node wont react. Example: iSafe.* wont react if ur not using the caps “S” like: isafe.* won’t work, Im always using the capslock in I”S”afe.