Hello! This is a plugin that thepowderguy and I have been working on for a few weeks. You can use it to block certain basic functions, and allow certain people to do certain things with permissions. You can enable and disable following functions at will with ease.

  • Potions
  • Farmland trampling
  • Lava placing
  • Endercrystal explosions
  • ... Plus more to come!


BlockPerms contains a configuration file to disable and enable certain features. For ease of access, we have integrated the ability to control the config from in-game using commands! You can also reload the config. Here are the commands.

  • /bp (or /blockperms) gives you help on the command interface
  • /bp [config|reload] (Item) (Value) In this, Item and value are only needed when you use config. Reload reloads the configuration file. When using config, the item is the config item you want to modify, and value is the value you want to set it to.


Now to tell you about when you can enable / disable using the configuration file! The following section contains config options and what they do, along with the default value.

PotionDenymsg: You don't have potion permissions.
# Message to send to a player when they try to use a potion
BlockDispenser: true
# Weather or not to block splash potions fired from a dispenser
LavaDenymsg: You don't have lava permissions.
# Message to send a player when they try to use lava
PreventTrampling: true
# Weather or not to block farmland trampling
TramplingMessageOn: false
# Weather or not to display farmland trampling message
TrampleMessage: You can't trample farmland.
# Message to send player upon trampling farmland if TramplingMessageOn is true
PreventEnderCrystals: true
# Weather or not to prevent endercrystal explosions
CrystalHitMessage: You may not hit crystals.
# Message to send a player when they try to blow up an endercrystal and
# PreventEnderCrystals is true


There are also permissions that you can give to people to allow certain people to do certain things. The permissions are as follows.

  • blockperms.* - Allows player to do anything involving the plugin
  • blockperms.potion.* - Allows player to do anything with potions
  • blockperms.potion.drink - Allows player to drink potions
  • blockperms.potion.throw - Allows player to throw potions
  • blockperms.lava.* - Allows player do anything with lava
  • - Allows player to place lava
  • blockperms.command.* - Allows player to use all blockperms commands
  • blockperms.command.reload - Allows player to reload the config
  • blockperms.command.config - Allows player to edit the config


This plugin is an open source plugin! Feel free to overview the source code Here! Also feel free to make any suggestions for what to improve on!


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