Suggestion: Add EasyBlocks support #8

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Assigned to _ForgeUser6832309
  • _ForgeUser7269885 created this issue Aug 4, 2012

    Hi, Maximuss here, and I'd like to suggest adding EasyBlocks support. It would really be nice to make your own custom hats and such, I think that would be great, especially for my server which is a TF2-based server with guns.

    I dont know if you could do this, but to avoid interfering with gunsplus maybe make it so you have to manually put in the EasyBlock's ID through some sort of configuration, and if you put in the ID you would be able to wear that custom block as a hat :D

    Please consider doing this, it would really be great if you did.

  • _ForgeUser7269885 added the tags New Enhancment Aug 4, 2012

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