<font size="4">BlockEnderDragon Version 1.0 - Block the Ender Dragon griefing!</font>

<font size="3">Description:</font>
Don't want ender dragons to destroy your whole worlds?
Than this plugin is for you! It disables block destroying by ender dragons completly.

I came up with the idea to develop this plugin, after Phiwa and me regonized that an
anti-enderdragon-grief plugin was needed in our project "DragonTravel".
This whole plugin is implemented in "DragonTravel" but is now also available
as a singel plugin, just in case someone doesn't want to use "DragonTravel" with all it functions.
So this is it, it's a lighweight plugin, doing what it has to do. ;)

<font size="3">Features:</font>
- Prevents ender dragons from destroying any block, in all worlds, everyhwere.
- Lightweight, just simply put the BlockEnderDragon.jar into your plugin folder and restart the server.


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