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BlockBlocker is a very simple plugin which has the potential to radically alter gameplay. It gives server owners the ability to easily "block" blocks. When a block is "blocked", any attempts to break it will succeed, but no items will drop. This is very useful all sorts of circumstances where the blocks need to be rendered useless.


Initial Plugin Release v0.1.0

The first release of BlockBlocker has become available! :D


Just drop the plugin in your plugins directory and it will automatically generate it's config file for you. The configuration file is a simple as possible.

By default, the plugin will produce a configuration similar to the following:

blocks: []

To add any blocks to the "blocker list", add the block ID in-between the square brackets. Multiple entries should be separated by comma.

For example, say I wanted to block DIAMOND_ORE and GOLD_ORE, which have IDs 57 and 14, I would change the config file to:

blocks: [57, 14]

while the server was not running. Then I would start the server and all would be functioning correctly. :) Note however, next time you stop the server, the config file would change to something like:

- 56
- 14

This is perfectly ok. It's just the plugin converting the list in the config to proper YAML syntax.


The latest plugin build can be downloaded here.

Latest Changes

  • Initial Release

Planned Features

  • Permissions Support

BlockBlocker is still in the beta phase, so please feel free to file a ticket for any feature requests you may have.

How Can I Help?

This plugin is developed solely by me in my free time so:

  • If you are a developer would like to contribute to this project, or any of my other projects, please PM me or email me at [email protected].
  • If you are a not developer but would still like to contribute somehow, please consider donating. Donations are highly valued and much appreciated.


Developer: Keeley Hoek (escortkeel)


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