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Block Message

This plugin allows the placing of messages in the world at a location without the setup of other ways of accomplishing this. Simply stand where you want the message to be and type the command /bm set. Your Block Message is now in the world now to add a message to it type /bm msg [message]. The new message will then display when you step on that block. There are many new features that have been added with 1.2. The addition of setting commands and warps as well as we now send data to MCStats. To see how to use any of the new commands (or the old ones) look at the commands page that you can get to from the top of this page. With 1.3 Areas are now added so you can now easily add a command or message to an area. To set up an area go to one corner and type /bm pos1 now go to the other (opposite) corner and type /bm pos2. To set the area as a Block Message area type /bm set and now you can set your messages, commands, or warps to your newly created area!

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Please report any bugs found in the code and I will try to fix them Link


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  • Make the delete command be able to delete a block message based on name
  • Make the msg command be able to set a message in the same way the delete command deletes one

A Quick Preview

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We now have metrics!

To turn it off, open up the config file inside the folder PluginMetrics. All this does is tell us how many users/servers use the plugin. It does not send IP's or other personal data.

remember to look at the commands tab!!!


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