BlockLog is an Anti-Grief plugin with rollback support and a lot of other features for you to use.
This plugin is still in development and constantly gains new features!

Please report any bug found using the ticket system.

Our Jenkins is hosted by United World Miners - Minecraft Server!


  • MySQL support
  • Specify how many blocks a rollback should change over a time span to prevent lag
  • Rollback players or just explosion damage
  • Rollback the whole world or just a small area
  • Undo the last rollback or any rollback at any time
  • Simulate a rollback to see how many blocks will be affected
  • Cancel any active rollback
  • Per world log options
  • Logs blocks destroyed by mcMMO's skills
  • Highly customizable, turn off any kind of logging
  • Automatic database purge
  • A fully functional grief report system build-in
  • Search commands to search the database
  • See a player his last edits in the whole world or just over a small area
  • Both automatic and manual save options


  • Player placed blocks
  • Player destroyed blocks
  • Blocks destroyed by fire
  • Fire extinguish
  • Use of buckets
  • Explosions
  • Interactions with chests, doors, etc.
  • Leaves decaying
  • Tree growing
  • Portal creation
  • Block form
  • Block fade
  • Block spread
  • Chat
  • Deaths
  • Kills

Planned Features

  • I'm open for suggestions!

How to install MySQL

See here

Metrics Graph

Metrics Graph

Support Me

I've put lots of time in developing this plugin. If you like it I would really appreciate it if you donated.


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