A great new game made straight from our minds right into minecraft!!!! You don't like that boring hg anymore, do you? Get blackout now!!!


  • Blacker then black!
  • Blinder then blind!
  • hg

A great new way to play hg while kissing the plugin at the same time, you start blind, with speed, and a diamond pickaxe and sword! Stop sitting around, play! Play you silly, its right here for you, go play it! Love it, hate it, I don't care, just stop being bored and play me! I'm right in front of you sitting here for free, you can have me, its OK, go take me and play me all you want!!! This is the only place you Can find this game, so take me! I'm right in front of you, you don't take me, I take you! Luv, hate, IDC, just take me, its either now or never!


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