Warning Not compatible with 1.7.9 as far as we know please note Does not work with nicknames, do not expect or nickname to come back

*NEW 1.8 VERSION COMING OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!*

Expect new version before halloween guys, show support for this plugin!


Ever want a new game? Now you have one! Blackout is a fun game that you play blind, the less people, the harder, just goto to find more info about The ULTIMATE BLACKOUT

Source code

I will be giving the code out, please do not copy it exactly how it is, rename and make a few changes just to rename it, then say its yours, enjoy it, don't take all the credit, its not your work its mine, and my authors work, :D


Use command /cornycraft help

Known bugs: none!

Fun fact: you get out of blindness in blackout in a set time in the config

I have no problem if you post a ticket, and this is my first plugin so it won't be to good

Game idea credits to Corndogoz, most code credits to other authors

Coming soon

  • signs
  • no bugs :)
  • Ticket System

Created by the silly corn, Please except my brevity

DO YOU LIKE BLACKOUT TO? If yes, post yes in the comments, if no, post yes in comments, if sorta/kinda post yes in the comments


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