Blackjack allows you to play blackjack in Minecraft!


This plugin requires Vault and ImageOnMap.


- Playing blackjack with up to five players at one table without any commands

- The plugin uses maps as card-items

- Inventories are saved and restored after leaving the table

- Changing your stake

- Command to teleport to the next free table

- Automatically generated and protected tables including the dealer

- Setting table limits and minimums

- Command to change the table's blocks or color

- VIP tables

- Adding VIPs via command or permission

- Permissions

- Automatic update check and download (You can disable both individually in the config.)

- Localisation

Video Tutorials

English tutorial by VariationVault

Italian tutorial by ZioBlack_

Portuguese tutorial by AbsintoJ

How to play

- Right-click on a free sign with 'New Game' to join the table with the minimum stake.

- Right-click on the face-down card next to the dealer to draw a card.

- You are able to double or split by clicking on one of the two signs.

- If you don't want any more cards, right-click on a block of the table.

- After all players are finished, the dealer draws his cards and the round ends.

- To join the new round right-click on your sign again.

- You can higher and lower your stake step by step by clicking on the sign to the left of the dealer.

Installation and configuration

- 1. Copy "Blackjack.jar" in your server's plugin folder.

- 2. The config.yml will be saved. The options are explained in the file.

- 3. Use "/bj setup" to generate and save the playing cards to new maps.

Do not use or create cards on the whole server while generating!

Your gamemode may change to survival. You cannot die or pickup items until the process is finished.

- 4. After generating the cards, you can create a new blackjack table with "/bj create".

You can create a table with a specific name by typing "/bj create <name>".

You can create a VIP table by typing "/bj createvip (<name>)".


Player Commands

You can use "/blackjack", "/bj" and "/sbj" to perform Blackjack commands.

/bj help ([page]) - Opens the Blackjack help on the specified page.

(Alias: 'h', '?')

/bj join - Teleports you to the first table with a free seat.

(Alias: 'j')*

/bj teleport [tablenr or tablename] - Teleports you to the specified table.

(Alias: 'tp', 't' or type '/bj [tablename or tablenr]')

/bj stake [stake] - Changes your stake for the next round. You can see your stake in the second line of your sign.

(Alias: 'setstake')

/bj viplist - Displays the VIP list.

(Alias: 'vip', 'vips')

/bj isvip [player] - Checks if a player is VIP.

Admin Commands

/bj reload - Reloads the config and the VIP list.

/bj cleardata - Deletes the data.yml containing all tables.

/bj setup - Downloads the cards when you use the plugin for the first time.

/bj create - Creates a new table named 'Table<nr>'.

/bj create [name] - Creates a new table with the specified name.

/bj createvip ([name]) - Creates a new VIP table named 'Table<nr>' or with the specified name.

(Alias: 'vipcreate', 'viptable')

/bj undo - Undo creating the last table. (Restores all blocks.)

/bj delete - Deletes the table in front of you.

(Alias: 'del','remove','rem')

/bj forcedelete - Forces the deletion of the table in front of you. (If the table is corrupted and the normal deletion fails.)

/bj togglevip ([Tablename]) - Add/Remove VIP status to/from the table you're standing or the table with the specified name.

(Alias: 'toggle', 'viptoggle')

/bj setlimit [limit] - Sets the table limit. Set it to 0 for no limit.

(Alias: 'setmaximum')

/bj setminimum [limit] - Sets the table minimum to the specified value and the table limit to <limit*multiplier>.

/bj color [colorname or colorID] - Colors the table you're standing. The colorIDs are the data values of wool blocks.

(Alias: 'setcolor')

/bj setblock [ID] ([data]) - Sets the ten blocks of the table to the specified block. You can separate ID and data with a ':'.

/bj setwall [ID] ([data]) - Sets the wall behind the table to the specified block. You can separate ID and data with a ':'.

/bj addvip [Player] - Puts the player on the VIP list.

/bj removevip [Player] - Removes the player from the VIP list.

(Alias: 'remvip', 'deletevip', 'delvip')

/bj invclear - Clears your inventory.

/bj getcard [card] ([count]) - Gives you the the specified card. Only use the first letters from the card. E.g. 'HA' (Heart Ace) or 'D8' (Diamond 8 )

/bj restoreall - Restores all player inventories after a crash.


Default permissions

- - Permission to play blackjack

- blackjack.stake - Permission to change your stake ("/bj setstake")

- blackjack.teleport - Permission to teleport to a table ("/bj [number]")

- blackjack.viplist - Permission for "/bj vips" and "/bj isvip [Playername]"

Admin permissions

- blackjack.* - All Blackjack permissions

- blackjack.setup - Permission for "/bj setup"

- blackjack.create - Permission for creating normal tables ("/bj create")

- blackjack.delete - Permission for removing tables ("/bj delete")

- blackjack.forcedelete - Forces deleting a table if normal deletion fails. ("/bj forcedelete")

- blackjack.edit - Permission for editing tables ("/bj setlimit", "/bj setmaximum" and "/bj setminimum")

- blackjack.color - Permission to change a table's color ("/bj color")

- blackjack.setblock - Permission to change a table's block IDs and data values ("/bj setblock" and "/bj setwall")

- blackjack.getcard - Permission for "/bj getcard"

- blackjack.invclear - Permission for "/bj invclear"

- blackjack.reload - Permission for "/bj reload"

- blackjack.restoreall - Permission for "/bj restoreall"

- - Permission to play at VIP-tables

- blackjack.managevips - Permission for managing VIPs ("/bj addvip" and "/bj removevip")

- blackjack.createvip - Permission for creating VIP-tables ("/bj createvip" and "/bj togglevip")

- blackjack.cleardata - Permission to delete the data.yml ("/bj cleardata")

To do

- Adding Spigot compability

Do not destroy or edit any table blocks with WorldEdit or similar plugins!

It will cause corrupted tables and server errors!

Thanks to ZioBlack97 for the Italian translation, you are awesome ;)

Feel free to contact me by PM if you have an idea or if you found a bug.

You can also correct my bad English (I'm German). :D

I want to add more languages to my plugin, it would be nice if someone helps me with the translations. ;)

It would be nice to see my plugin in action on a real server (not my 4-slot plugin test server :D ), so if you use my plugin, you can send me your server IP if you want.

All my work is free, but you can support me if you want.



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