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    Apr 29, 2013
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Supported Bukkit Versions

  • CB 1.5.1-R0.2



  • Further implementation of IntVector2, IntVector3 and other math types
  • Addition of CommonEntity, with respective accessors to loc/last/vel
  • Addition of CommonEntity 'specialized' types (Minecarts, item, player)
  • Addition of CommonEntity EntityController system for controlling all types of entities
  • Addition of CommonEntity EntityNetworkController system for controlling entity network behaviour
  • Large proxy class implementation for inventories, blocks, blockstates and others
  • Bugfixes for various type conversions (including tile entity -> BlockState)
  • Code optimizations (tryCast, filtering collection, crafting (recipe), various other changes)
  • Addition of newest packets, support for more packet helper utilities (including obtaining packet queue byte size)
  • Added Scoreboard API
  • Added Debug Variables utilities for simple plugin debugging purposes
  • Fixed entity teleportation, now teleports all in one tick
  • Added support for Activator Rail (also Material Data)
  • Hotfix for vehicle exit event not fired when players exit by right-clicking
  • Added packet listening/monitoring support for Spigot
  • Added hotfix for null chunks returned by world.getLoadedChunks (using filtering collection)
  • Added player chunk visibility monitoring to see whether the player can see a chunk
  • New utility methods for ClassTemplates, and other reflection classes
  • Stack trace printing utilities: filter the stack trace beyond a known point (reduces error spam)
  • Improved code sanity checks, better logging, more security to avoid silent failures
  • Bugfixes, bugfixes and did I say bugfixes?
  • Fixed FALSE permission default failing for OP players

WARNING: This version may break some of your plugins using BKCommonLib (They will/must all be updated)

Known to conflict with SpoutPlugin and possibly other plugins that replace packet listeners. To remain compatible, install ProtocolLib.