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Supported Bukkit Versions

  • CB 1.4.7-R1.0



  • No longer registers for all packets in ProtocolLib - reduces lag as it was not supported that well
  • Added a lot of new utility classes to safely deal with internal logic such as NBT, data watchers and base classes
  • Added a full conversion system to convert between all possible types of objects, to make life easier
  • General reflectionization (is this a good thing?) in an attempt to make updating faster
  • Added a lot more packet related routines, such as new constructors and fields
  • Added proper detection mechanisms for incompatibility
  • Metrics rewritten and improved to make it easier, and allow more control to the end-user
  • Added InterpolatedMap to deal with linear interpolation in a dataset (fuzzy logic, sort of)
  • Fixed countless of errors and issues related to reflection going hostile
  • Added helper methods to get nearby entities and block states near a block
  • Added more MaterialUtil 'IS<something>' constants, plus toString mechanism for conversion to ItemParsers
  • Added BlockInfo helper class to deal with common (non-Bukkit supported) block operations and properties
  • Fixed NPE occurring with certain entity types being requested the name of
  • Added several new world utilities, such as to disk saving and chunk availability
  • Fixed permissiondefaults.yml always using a '*' by default
  • Fixed stackoverflow when crafting self-craftables (sandstone for example)
  • A lot new reflection helper classes added for various purposes, including proper type conversions
  • Added stack trace filters to make errors contain less and more useful information
  • Fixed silent packet being detected anyhow in some plugins (Orebfuscator)
  • Added classpath to plugin conversion, to find out the cause of errors or the owners of classes
  • Fixed entity teleportation, now properly teleports vehicles and passengers again
  • Generally erased all exposure of NMS and CB types, to push for forwards and backwards support in plugins

WARNING: This version may break some of your plugins using BKCommonLib (They will/must all be updated)

Known to conflict with SpoutPlugin and possibly other plugins that replace packet listeners. To remain compatible, install ProtocolLib.