The config file

Config Main

The config files will look something like this:

Global message: '&4Its ''%p''s birthday today!'
Birthday Message: '&eHappy Birthday! Here is a gift!'
Message interval: 1
Iconomy Money: 0
Use american date format: 1
Number of gifts: '1'
Timed message: '&4Wish a happy birthday to: %p.'
Month mode: 0
Items on birthday: '92'

Now, there is a few things here that will need to be explained, for one the different variables that you can use: &<color code> makes a color and can be used anywhere as many times as you please %p is changed to the player, or players that are involved in the event that this was triggered, ex if its in Global message then it would be the user that just logged in's name, but if it was a timed message it would be everyone that had a birthday that day. %g lists all of the gifts and there number, ex this Grats, %p, you just received %g! would change to "Grats, woder22, you just received Cake (block):1" (assuming your name is woder22 of course!)

Now to explain the diffrent parts of the config, first global message, this is the message that shows up when you login to the server and its your birthday, everyone on the server can see this. Birthday Message is the message the player will see when he connects, ONLY the player can see this. Message interval is the time between timed messages, if you put 0 there will be none. Iconomy money is the amount of money to give with iconomy, once again setting this to 0 will disable iconomy use. American date format means the format of the date, if this is set to 0 the plugin will use a format like this: day/month/year, if its set to 1 it will do month/day/year Number of gifts is the number of gifts, now this supports more then one gift, if you do this for Items on birthday "92, 1" and "1, 3" for Number of gifts, the plugin will give one 92 and three 1 Timed message is the text that shows every what ever you set Message interval to. Month mode is a mode that allows players to set their birthday once every month. WARNING this is untested due to the fact that I would need to wait a month before I could test it... Items on birthday is the list of items, now each item is separated by a comma and must be in the same position as the matching number in Number of gifts (VERY important, if you don't do this you will get errors)


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