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This Plugin will make it possible to enjoy the four Seasons on a bukkit Server. For this my Plugin will change each Biome for each Season. I've used the Plugin BiomeEdit in order to create this project. So everything is based on it.

Please mind: You can choose which worlds and which Biomes should be affected by this Plugin. So the following does ONLY affect these biomes/worlds.

The Seasons


This is the normal State. (plains are plains ; deserts are deserts ; taiga stays taiga)


In Autumn each Biome, excepted SnowBiomes, will changed to desert. This is because of the textures of leaves and grass. In a desert they are looking more like autumn.


Each Biome excepted the deserts will be changed to Ice-plains. So it's snowing everywhere. There are also some cool features in Winter.


Each Biome will be changed back to their normal State/Biometype. The fallen snow will be removed and ice will be replaced by water during those days. Please mind.


  1. In Winter you have to wear leather armour to protect yourself from the cold. Helding a torch is also possible. (You won't get damaged in deserts)
  2. Plants won't grow or will grow slower. (excepted in deserts)
  3. A calendar 'Update: 0.2.3'


::Update 0.2.2::

These Events are connected to the In-Game-Days and will repeat each circle of the (In-Game)-Year. You can set the duration of this year in your Plugin-configuration.

You can add/change/delete Events in the "Events.txt": The Event-File-Description.

Events that are connected to the real time (e.g.: [DD.MM.YYYY] 12.01.2014) (e.g.: [HH:MM] 22:35) will be add in a further version.



How it works

  • Each biome will be registered and saved in a file, so we can rebuild each Biome after each circle
  • The plugin also saves each Chunk to make to sure, that each biome will only registered once
  • The Plugin updates automatically this file, while discovering new areas.
  • Changing Biomes will cost it's time and please make sure that your server is "strong" enough to keep everything running
  • When there are problems with your BiomeAreas: "When you regenerate the specific area, the biome code itself will be reset too." (quotation) -> The default Biomesettings
  • The biomes are changed at the FIRST day of each Season
  • Problems: The outlines of the Biomes are not perfect. There's a max tolerance of four Blocks. (This is not really a problem at all)


  • Version 1.7.2 will be released soon -> Done
  • move the Save-Files in the plugin-folder.
  • more effective/dynamic BiomeChange
  • More Pictures for the description
  • Specialdays <> The Event-update -> Done


Update: 0.2.3

  • /bioseasonDay [set [no.] / get] : Sets the current day of a year. Returns the current Season / day
  • /bioseason cal [enable/disable] : enable/disable the sidebar-calendar
  • /bioseason maintenance : enable sidebar maintenance
  • /UpdateLogs [add/replace] : This will check the loaded Chunks/Areas and will add them to List. Usefull if you run this plugin on a server which was used before. This process may take up to a couple of hours and your server will lag.
  • /bioseason set [winter/normal/autumn] : Set the current state of the biomes manually. Good if you want to stop using this plugin.To 'reset' all of your biomes. This will not affect the Season. It is JUST for Server-maintenance.
  • /rem_winterEffects [start/stop] : This command will remove ice & snow in the affected Biomes (ckeck config-File)
  • /Bioseason_EventCommand : this command will trigger the EventCommand. Please read the Event-File-Description for more informations.


  • bioseason.Day #Command-permissions
  • bioseason.UpdateLogs #Command-permissions
  • bioseason.setBiome #Command-permissions
  • bioseason.rem_winterEffects #Command-permissions
  • bioseason.Bioseason_EventCommand #Command-permissions
  • bioseason.nodamage # with this permission you'll not get damaged during the winter
  • # Can show the calendar in scoreboard
  • bioseason.maintenance # Can use maintenance-scoreboard

Know Errors

  • If you execute commands using wrong parameters; -> An error will occur
  • If your Server can't manage changing some many Biomes at one time -> An error will occur
  • If there are some wrong parameters in the SaveBiomeArea.txt / SaveChunks.txt / Events.txt-> An error will occur

Fixing Problems

Comming soon.

What's left

  • Important: There are no Biomes in the Worldtypes "Nether" and "End". -> This will cause an error!
  • This Plugin supports more than only one "Overworld"
  • If you want to:
  1. use my code for your own project
  2. use my project as an API

... take what you want, but rememeber it's not all mine. So please name Cubenation in your descriptions.

If you still got some questions feel free to ask. I will update this page continuously. If you want more features leave it below.


J_Crafter29 just made a video of my plugin. I linked it here even if it's not english. (It's German). He's an aspiring youtuber so give him a chance.

Special thanks to:

Without you, I would have never come so far.


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