Biome Ambience

Biome Ambience

Ever wanted to hear to sounds of nature in Minecraft. Now you can with this plug-in. Based on the biome you are standing in it will play a custom sound. Grasshoppers in the plains or magpies in the forest. If you don't like the sounds provided be the sound pack you can change them out to you own, if you for example want custom music in each biome that is also possible. Just make sure you have the same name on them.

It also have the ability to play sounds from signs. Put the files where you got all you other sounds and enter this on a sign


to play my mysound.ogg. mysound.ogg is only given as an example you could have used any other sound effect. Every sign can have an own sound effect to play. They can even overlap so multiple signs can be put close together and each play different sounds. Just be considerate of others ears.

New with signs in 1.4 is that you can set the 3rd row to wide or a number to set how far it will be audible. Wide makes the sound come from the player's position and an number makes it fade farer away from the sign. It will use the setting from the settings file if left empty.
The 4th line can set the volume of the sound. If left empty it will use the volume node from the settings file.
Just remember that the radius settings affects how far Minecraft will check for signs, so if you relay one signs you might want to raise it a little. Or use more signs in you buildings.

A basic sound pack can be found here

Planned features

  • More settings for signs. Cool downs and signs that you have to press in order for them to play.
  • Redstone support for signs.
  • Timer settings for signs. Want a sign to play when someone been close to it for x seconds rather than almost instantly.
  • Debug setting for end users.
  • mp3 support.
  • I'm hopping that I can do something with the books and some kind of text-to-voice. Perhaps that will be better of as a own plug in but still.


Here is the permission setup snippet from plugin.yml

    description: Makes everything that can play sounds do so.
    description: Splashes from oars while in boats and a train like sound in mine carts
    default: true
    description: Melting rock do not make the sound of soft rock
    default: true
    description: Signs can now magically enter you mind and start sounds
    default: true
    description: The natural sounds of the wilderness
    default: true
    description: Ever wanted to hear the sounds of claustrophobia up close?
    default: true
    description: Allows the user to put up noisy signs
    default: op
    description: If all the pines, ravens and generally felling of the environment doesn’t tell you that you're in a pine forest. This command will enables the usage of /biome
    default: true
    description: You “friends” left for “vacation” without telling you where? Fear not with this command you can stalk the environment of they favourite “vacation” place. Now you also know when they are hitting the beach. Enables /biome <player>
    default: op

While it seems a bit over kill with that many permission it was made with the idea that you simply can set*: true/false. And then disable/enable the different parts more freely. For example someone maybe just want the underground and sign or everything enabled but the lava. Then you can make it that way with only two nodes.

This is based on laurinas old plugin BiomeSound that in turn is based on BiomeMassage of robin0van0der0v.

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