BioMan : The Biome Manipulator !

This project is abandoned and its default file will likely not work with the most recent version of Minecraft. Whether this project is out of date or its author has marked it as abandoned, this project is no longer maintained.

BioMan is an easy-to-use in-game biome editor, you can easily change the biome data of your old maps by making a WorldEdit selection then typing a simple command.

This plugin does NOT alter the world structure, it will just change the biome data which affects the rain/snow/no-weather and the color of grass/leaves/water.

The plugin's name was found by one of my moderators, TenshiArakawa, and it refers to Bioman, the Super Sentai serie. If you don't know what Bioman is, here is a video of the intro :


You need a recent build of craftbukkit (#2040+). All recent builds are downloadable here :

You have to install the latest version of WorldEdit, because the selection is done by this plugin.


The installation is quite simple : place BioMan.jar in your plugins directory and restart or reload your server.

How to Use

  • Select a region with the WorldEdit selection tool (any type of selection is supported)
  • [facultative] Contract the selection to the thinest possible in Y coord (will reduce execution time)
  • [facultative] Do the "//bioman" command (aliases : "//bm", "/bm", "/bioman"). You will have the list of availables biomes.
  • In order to change the biome of the selected region, type "//bioman biome_name" and send it.
  • Alternate command : "//bioman replace biome1_name biome2_name" in order to replace a biome to another in the selection.
  • A message confirms you the success by telling you how many coordinate's biome were changed.
  • Changes are instantly visible for you, but not for the players around, they have to disconnect/reconnect to see the changes.


The plugin uses the Permission's system of WorldEdit, so the supported permissions plugins are the same of WorldEdit. Permission node of the //bioman command : "bioman.command"

Of course, the player needs to have the worldedit's permission which allows him to perform a selection.

Coming soon ?

If I have the time, maybe I will code a tool for restore 1.7/1.8 biome locations, I need to investigate in old minecraft source in order to find the biome algorithm of each version...

Some comments

  • If you set the Hell biome in normal world, you will be able to grow NetherWart in, but nether monster will spawn. You can easily fix this by enabling the "deny-spawn" flag of "__global__" normalworld's region, or of a subregion.
  • Biome data is stored on the region files since 1.2 version thanks to the Anvil format. So changes will remain after any minecraft update !
  • Biomes are located by X and Z coords, so it's useless to make bold selections


Version 1.3

Added "/bm replace biome1 biome2" command.

Version 1.2

New : the changes are displayed instantly for the player who performs the command.

Version 1.1.2

Bug fix : chunks were load/unload so many times, so the command took too long time to perform with fat selections.

Version 1.1.1

Bug fix : unloaded chunks not affected by the command. The number of changed coords is more adapted.

Version 1.1

New command : "/bioman undo" => undoes the changes of the last command. Warning : two consecutives "undo" will revert the last changes and not revert the previous changes. The "undo" can be performed until a server reload/restart, not after.

Version 1.0

First version, logic, no ?

How can I show you that this plugin is usefull for me ?

You can post a kind comment below, don't hesitate to make suggests or remarks ;) If you encounter a bug, you can report it on the "Tickets" tab, after checking if that bug was not reported before.


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