What is this?

This is my own core, in which all (or most of the more complicated) of my plugins will use. Why? The issue with Bukkit coding is that at a certain point, doing things over and over again get annoying. Saving stuff to a configuration, doing commands, typing multiple lines to create a simple item, etc. The point of this library is to make my life easier by putting these simple things in a single library.

Why would I want to use it?

Well, first off you'll need it to use whatever plugin linked you here! Here's a quick list of reasons I threw together:

  • It's required
  • If you use more than one of my plugins, you'll only have one plugin to update for Minecraft releases (and it auto-updates!) That's a short list, but both of those reasons (especially the first reason) are very important to both you and I.

I'm a developer, can I check it out?

Of course! It's all open sourced, so do as much checking out as you want. Just remember to give me credit if you do something like shading it in! Source is located right here on GitHub!

I need it for one of your plugins, and the download here isn't working/this version has bugs!

No problem! Thanks to my good friend Breezeyboy, I have a Jenkins for this! These builds are not supported by bukkit, and may be even more buggy! Make sure to submit a ticket at the link above.

Quote from BukkitDev:

Development builds of this project can be acquired at the provided continuous integration server. These builds have not been approved by the BukkitDev staff. Use them at your own risk.

The link to the Jenkins is here.


  • /reloadconfig - Reloads a specific configuration
  • /reloadconfig all - Reloads every plugin's configuration file(s)!
  • /reloadconfig plugin <plugin> - Reloads a specific plugin's configuration file(s)!
  • /reloadconfig specific <config> - Reloads a specific configuration, only for BGDCore configurations!


  • bgdcore.cmds.reloadconfigs - allows the /reloadconfig command
  • bgdcore.cmds.reloadconfigs.all - allows the /reloadconfig all command
  • bgdcore.cmds.reloadconfigs.plugin - allows the /reloadconfig plugin <plugin> command
  • bgdcore.cmds.reloadconfigs.config - allows the /reloadconfig specific <config> command


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